Monday, April 13, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 2

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

A big Thank You to St. Anthony - My daughter has misplaced her miraculous medal & a cheque. After searching for months without success, I decided to pray to St. Anthony. The good news is both items were found as if by a miracle. Thank you for your website which makes it possible for me to give testimony online to show my gratitude to this wonderful Saint. - R.L.

I had been looking for my work keys for a while and could not find them. I searched high and low for them and after I praying to God and St. Anthony I walked to my truck and found my keys on my passenger door pocket. I am tremendously thankful!! - C.M.G.

I have been praying to St Anthony for many years. Recently I renewed my driver's license and I lost it. I prayed And prayed. St. Anthony answered my prayers again I was happy I would had to pay $40.00 again. I will ever be grateful to St Anthony. - D.T.

My son seems to always misplace his wallet or phone. After this has happened yet again I decided to ask St. Anthony for help. I have been praying to St. Anthony for the past 34 years but have never asked for his help in finding things. So when my son misplaced his wallet today , I asked for help. Well within a couple of hours we found the wallet in his suitcase. I know this was from St. Anthony. Thank you St. Anthony for your help. - S.F.

I was a college professor who was unemployed for a very long time. I had no car. I was taking the bus to various minimum wage jobs in which I was overqualified. I prayed the St. Anthony prayer for employment. It took a little. Through St. Anthony’s intercession, I’m working as a Test Administrator and professor at one of the best medical teaching colleges in my area. True story. Thank you and Go St. Anthony. - G.N.

I wonder your viewers may never notice that they got those answered graces on Tuesdays? My friend got a great grace on Tuesday and he got great news on Tuesday recently. It has struck again,our lucky Tuesday again!!! Last Tuesday, My daughter got a very good job in a bank. I just start my fourth Tuesday. I hope to finish it on 5th. May. She failed her first interview and got a feedback as it was explained that she has no office experience. She got another phone call from her interviewer for a second interview. She got the new job on dot. She will may have a difficult training, for some months. She was so lucky to get that job whereas others are trying to find better jobs. Thank you St. Anthony for looking after my struggling family. Jesus, thank you for listening St Anthony ‘s intercession on my behalf. Praised be to God. Amen. - M.C.

I would like to say I prayed to St Anthony to help me find my family bible which I misplaced and I found my bible on the 5th. day of praying to St. Anthony. Thank you so much St Anthony for praying to God Our Father for me and for the finding of my family bible. You are such a powerful Saint. Oh Sacred Heart Of Jesus I Place All My Trust In You. Amen and Amen. - M.W.

Dear St. Anthony, Thank you for finding the lost key. I appreciate your help so much. - Sincerely, J.B.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanks~

Monday, March 30, 2015

I Searched High And Low

From blog reader P.H.:

About 5 months ago I lost my favorite necklace. I remember taking it off in my bedroom. I searched high and low, going through my wardrobe thinking it may have gotten caught in some piece of clothing I had been wearing. I searched through all my jewelry numerous times to no avail. Shortly thereafter my daughter lost her job and we were devastated. I had already been praying to St. Anthony to find my necklace; now I needed him to find my daughter a job as well. I prayed for months but decided that a job was more important than a necklace so I told St. Anthony to forget the necklace. I continued to pray for my daughter to find a job. Today in church as I was walking by the pamphlet rack I noticed the Children's missals. I also noticed they were the very same as ones I had bought my granddaughters many years ago. Right beside them was my necklace that someone had found in church and placed there. The strangest thing is I had walked by that rack every Sunday since my necklace went missing and it was only today that I just happen to glance in that direction. Thank you, St. Anthony!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Was Astonished

I WAS ASTONISHED!!! Short story...last night I did my usual procedure - brushed and flossed, then proceeded to take off my earrings. One of the earrings in my right ear got tangled in my hair. In an effort to quickly get it untangled, it dislodged then bounced off the night table and vanished! Obviously, the search began, lasting one full hour, but the earring refused to show itself. I consoled myself with the fact that I probably would find it in the daylight. I woke up, did my usual things, and proceeded to put on different earrings. I then began a thorough fine-tooth-comb search that lasted about an hour again. The earring just hid even deeper from my view.
A few hours later, I walked into the bedroom and thought of my Mother, who whenever something was lost always said a prayer to St. Anthony and thus the lost object was found. I would say to her, 'just coincidence.' My Mother was very religious person. I am not. And so, after two hours of a really complete search, my Mom and St. Anthony popped into my head. My cats all lined up in a row behind me, staring at me as if they were thinking, "who are you talking to?" as I said out loud, "St. Anthony, I am really sorry to bother you but I lost my earring. I tried everything, so can you please help me find it?" Honestly, not even a full 60 seconds elapsed before I walked toward the same place where I had searched at least 20 times....looked down on the floor again, and there was my earring. I am truly amazed! That had been the first spot I looked last night and today, on the right side of my make-up table.
Yours truly,

Thank you J.L. for your story - may you continue to be astonished through the intersession of Good St. Anthony. Have an astonishing story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog.