Sunday, November 9, 2014

St. Anthony's Relics Visit California - Ygnacia's Experience

On All Saints Day I had the very great fortune to be able to attend the veneration of St. Anthony relics that were on tour near my home in California. To be in the presence of Saint Anthony's relics was a deeply moving experience for me, a great joy and blessing that I never thought I would be able to experience. God is so good. I was also blessed to meet Franciscan Friar Fr. Mario Conte who brought the relics from the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, and Tom Muscatello of the Vatican Anthonian Association. The following are my pictures of those two relics of our beloved St. Anthony~

The first class relic of St. Anthony - skin from his blessed face is in the glass section of the reliquary, on top of the book held by the statue.

Franciscan Friar Fr. Mario Conte, who took the relic of St. Anthony on this tour of California and Cananda. The basket on the table next to the reliquary holds prayer intentions that Fr. Conte will take back home with him to the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua.

Veneration of the relic of Saint Anthony by one of the many good people that made time to visit the tour.

The other first class relic on tour is a 'floating rib' from our beloved Saint. This is the very same reliquary that was kissed by Sister Lucia of Fatima.

If you have had the good fortune to visit any of the worldwide tours of Saint Anthony's relics, please email us your reflections and experience to post on our blog. May these blessed tours continue~

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prayer To St. Anthony For Employment - Success Stories

Because our list of success stories through the intersession of St. Anthony in helping people find employment got so large, we created a post just for those great stories. Below you will find stories that have been emailed to us, in order of date posted. Click here to find the Prayer To St. Anthony For Employment. The trend seems to indicate - you can trust in Saint Anthony's intercession with God in your job search~

Here is a recent email from a reader, M.H.D., who expresses her thanks to St. Anthony for employment found:
"I started praying to St Anthony to help my husband find employment. I started his Novena and on the 3rd. day my husband got a job offer. Thank you St. Anthony for interceding with the Child Jesus on my behalf and granting my husband a good job."

Another answered prayer for a job, emailed to us from G.R.:
"It really works, thank you so much, God be praised for the spirit that is St. Anthony. I prayed this once last night and once this morning, and was offered a position that pays more money an hour than I have in my life. Not only will he help you obtain what you need, he'll give you more - believe it"

Here is a link to an uplifting email from blog reader M.F. who shows us that with perseverance, and prayer to St. Anthony, the right new job can be found.

Here is an email from blog reader I.N. who found a job after a year and a half search, only 4 days after praying to St. Anthony for his intersession.

Here is an email from one of our blog readers expressing her thanks for employment found:
"I would like to inform you the great news my husband was offered a position for employment. He starts on the 23rd of June. Thank you for having him and our family in your prayers. These 6 months made us stronger and definitely tested my FAITH. I am forever grateful to my Lord and savior. Blessings, R.S."

Click here to read a recent email from blog reader J.E. regarding St. Anthony's help in finding her son a job.

From an anonymous blog reader who found two jobs:
"Prayed to St. Anthony, St. Joseph and St. Rita for a prayers were answered today with a job that may be ending in January. Received a call today and a job offer to start in January when the other job may end! Prayer works...the Saints hear us!!"

Click here for the story of blog reader D. who knew that you need to know someone to get a job.

From grateful blog reader E.A.:
"I had recently lost my job and desperately needed to find work. I said the St. Anthony prayer and novena and within a couple of days I got an interview and a contract position. I kept steadfast in my prayers and was able to full time position."

From blog reader A.B. that prayed through the intercession of Saint Anthony for her brother to find a job:
"I just want to thank St. Anthony for granting my request. I have prayed the novena and wished for my brother to find a job to provide for his growing family. He has been unemployed for years and I thought that my prayers were unanswered, however a month and couple of weeks later my brother was accepted in a company near where we live that provides good benefits. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ and thanks to the Most High. Thanks St. Anthony for your intercession."

Here is another St. Anthony success story, from blog reader P.:
"I starting saying the novena and a week later I had like 4 to 6 interviews, and a week after that I got one of those jobs! So thanks to St. Anthony for all the help, and for giving me faith♡ "

From grateful blog reader I.H.:
"I prayed to St. Anthony to help me find a job and within days I found one. I felt so empowered by the prayer that I decided to pray for my brother, who had been out of work for over a year. Not feeling as confident with him, I still had faith in St. Anthony's prayer and within days, my brother found an AMAZING job..the kind of job he has always wanted! All I can say is I am blown away by the power of St. Anthony's prayers and am forever grateful and a believer in his powers..."

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Virtual Tour Of Saint Anthony’s Basilica In Padua

Not able at this time to make a pilgrimage to Padua, Italy, and tour of the Basilica of Saint Anthony?? Us either - so here instead is a virtual tour of the Basilica and courtyards. By moving your mouse over the map you will activate various links, with many interesting articles included. Click the links and they will illustrate with texts and photos the area selected.
Click here to start your virtual pilgrimage - we hope you enjoy it, and that perhaps a number of you may make it there in person some day~