Thursday, January 30, 2014

Saint Anthony Quote- Christ Has Overcome Him

St. Anthony has much to say about the devil’s deceits, of the way he lies in wait to trap us, and of the way Christ has overcome him.

“The devil always acts according to the same manner. In the same way that he tempted Adam in Paradise, he tempted Christ in the desert, and he tempts every Christian in this world. First he tempted Adam by greed, vainglory and avarice, and overcame him by this temptation. Then he tempted Christ, the second Adam, in the same way; but in tempting he himself was overcome, because it was not just a man, but God, whom he was tempting. We share in both Adams, the first by the flesh and the second by the spirit.” (Sermons I, 94)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ask Saint Anthony

I lost the car keys and couldn't find them anywhere in the house. As a little girl, I remember my mother always praying to Saint Anthony when she lost something. Anytime I would lose something, she would remind me to ask Saint Anthony; he would help me find whatever I lost.
After searching for my car keys for over an hour, I went outside to my back yard, looked up to the sky, and prayed to Saint Anthony to help me find my keys. I then looked down, and laying there in the grass were my car keys . . . I guess my three-year-old son was playing with them and just left them there.
I have found many lost items thanks to Saint Anthony, but the key incident was the most memorable for me. One second I'm looking to the skies for Saint Anthony's help and the next second, I look down and there they were. I always advise anyone I know that has lost something, to pray to Saint Anthony. My simple prayer, "Dear Saint Anthony, please help me. Amen."

Thank you - Catholicism for this amazing story~

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Just Talk With Him Like A Friend

A story of St. Anthony's help from - Catholicism:

My son lost his watch in his bedroom. It was very new and very special to him. After two days of telling him to keep looking, knowing that he never looks properly, I finally started to get worried about it and started looking myself. I also couldn't find it in his bedroom where he last saw it. So I asked St. Anthony to pop into my head where I should look for it and immediately the thought came to look in the small rubbish bin in his bedroom. Then I said to myself there's no way it's in the bin and kept looking in other places without success. So I finally gave in and decided to listen to St Anthony's thought and looked in the rubbish bin and there it was! In the bin. My advice: Ask St Anthony to pop into your head where to look for the item that is lost. I just talk with him like a friend, which of course he is.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


A Saint Anthony lost and found story from - Catholicism:

I had lost my car keys for about 5 days and had no replacement sets. I was unable to get to work, no money, and was beginning to stress. I was told that it would cost me $300-$500 to get a new set of keys for my car. My partner came across a site stating that if I prayed to Saint Anthony, he would retrieve my car keys. Out of fun I decided to say out loud, "Saint Anthony, please help me find my car keys." No more than 10 minutes later, after 5 days of them being missing, my mother phones me saying that she had found my car keys! Unbelievable!
I will certainly pray to Saint Anthony if I ever misplace or lose an item ever again! Thank you Saint Anthony! =)