Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Send A Virtual Saint Anthony Postcard

The Companions of St. Anthony, a ministry of the St. Anthony of Padua Province of the Conventual Franciscan Friars, offer a free virtual postcard via their website. Click here to send one to family or friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saint Anthony Quote - Confession Is The Gate Of Heaven

“Confession is the gate of Heaven. O truly the gate of Heaven and the gate of Paradise, since through it the penitent is invited to kiss the feet, hands and face of God: the feet of His mercy, the hands of His grace and the face of His pardon. O house of God, O gate of Heaven, O confession! Blessed is he who dwells in you! Blessed is he who humbles himself in you! Humble yourselves therefore dearest brethren, and enter through this mystical gate.”

- St. Anthony of Padua

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Student's Prayer To St. Anthony

St. Anthony, you distinguished yourself for truly human and Christian wisdom, I entrust my studies to your guidance. You know how important they are for my life and what commitment they require of me: may your intersession grant me a firm will to apply myself with constancy, the intelligence to penetrate the depths of my studies, and a strong memory to recall and use all that I have been taught. May my education be an arena of life where I may learn together with human knowledge the teachings of the Gospel. Through your help, may I continue and conclude successfully my studies, and thus be of better service to God and humankind. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dedicating Your Week to St. Anthony of Padua

Prayer: God, our heavenly Father, please give me a living, active faith in Your providence such as You gave St. Anthony. My will is so weak, and my good resolutions very feeble unless You strengthen them by the help of good St. Anthony. May his powerful aid make me a true disciple of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Reflection: A firm, unfailing faith is shown, and increased, by performing in God's honor works of kindness and mercy to those we encounter.
Practice: Learn today to rely, as St. Anthony did, on God's love and protection.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, I adore You as my Creator and Saviour. In my necessity I turn to You but, because my sins and failings are so many, I enlist the aid of good St. Anthony who loved You so generously. May his merits and good works secure for me what my own unworthiness cannot expect.
Reflection: We imitate St. Anthony, as he imitated our Lord, by having pity on those we know who need our understanding, support and approval.
Practice: Pray today that Christ's kingdom may come, and that all who have gone astray may be converted to Him and live.

Prayer: Lord God, the Sanctifier, come now to my assistance. Please fill me with the flame of Your love. I acknowledge with sorrow how often I have been ungenerous, and have resisted Your inspiration. Now, with the help of good St. Anthony, and imitating his example, may I make a new beginning, and change my life.
Reflection: The Spirit of God is not in contention or strife, but is marked by peace and joy. Reflect this inner gladness today in moments of stress, and help the Spirit radiate to those near you.
Practice: Seek for a chance to do good to someone you like least.

Prayer: Most Holy Trinity, One God, let me never forget Your goodness. Help me to trust You more than I have ever done before. Please teach me through the example of St. Anthony how I may best serve You in the future. May his prayers secure for me the help I need.
Reflection: Your hope in the Holy Trinity rests on the promises of Christ, and on His merits rather than on your own resources. That is why St. Anthony wishes you to give your heart to God alone.
Practice: Ask St. Anthony to help you abandon yourself completely to God's provident care for this day.

Prayer: Good St. Anthony, I admit my weaknesses to you, my instability, and my many needs. How difficult it is for me to pray with the faith and trust I should have! Please come to my aid now, and secure for me the help I require to be more frequent, fervent, and faithful in my prayers to God, our blessed Lady, and all the saints.
Reflection: To pray profitably to God we must do so with complete attention and childlike confidence that He loves, listens, and responds.
Practice: Even if you can find no words to say, at least raise your mind and heart to God today. St. Anthony will help you.

Prayer: Glorious St. Anthony, I am still drawn to the things of this world. Despite my promises, how half-hearted I still am! With all God's goodness to me, and with the many proofs I've had of His love, how often I hesitate and doubt Him! Please procure for me some of your own steadfastness and determination to resist evil and do good.
Reflection: There is one prayer to God that never fails. When we admit our littleness and ask an increase of His love, God will always give this grace to us.
Practice: Join St. Anthony in repeated acts of love of God today. Simply say often, "My God, I love You."

Prayer: Good St. Anthony, I know you will help me even when I hesitate in God's work. Please help me to simplify my intentions, and purify my affections as you did in life so that I may fulfill God's purpose in my own.
Reflection: Though we all have many intentions, it is good to subject them all to God's will for us, and submit all our desires to His loving purpose. God will never refuse us any favor unless in some way it may prove harmful.
Practice: For this single day, give honor to St. Anthony by putting God's interest first in everything.

~~from "Dedicating the Week to St. Anthony of Padua," published by Franciscan Mission Assoc.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Turn To Saint Anthony

Immediately upon praying to St. Anthony for help , the lens to my glasses was found by my granddaughter. I am hoping this encourages my grandchildren to turn to St. Anthony for assistance in times of loss, he has never failed me!

Thank you M for this little story of Saint Anthony's help.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

St. Anthony Helps St. Joseph

When something is lost, you should say a prayer to St. Anthony to help you find it. When you want to sell your house, some say you should bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your front yard, facing your house, near the for sale sign. You didn't know that? Well, now you do.

After the house sells, you are supposed to dig up poor upside down St. Joseph and place him in a place of honor in your new home. When we got to my son Cory's house yesterday to pack it up, one of the first things we wanted to do was find St. Joseph. Cory remembered where they put him in relation to the for sale sign, but the realtor had moved the sign.

My sister Bonnie and I fooled around out there for a while, but couldn't find anything. Bonnie said, "We need to call mom and tell her to pray to St. Anthony to help us find St. Joseph." Made sense to me.

Bonnie and I eventually gave up. Later that afternoon, Cory walked into the living room smiling, with the little St. Joseph statue in his hand. He sort of remembered where they had buried the statue and went right to the spot and found it.

Cory went to give the little statue to Bonnie who was sitting on the floor. Bonnie missed it, St. Joseph fell and bounced once, flew a couple of inches in the air, flipped over and landed on his feet...his tiny little feet...on carpet.

Cory said, "I guess he's tired of being upside down."

Thank you missneworleans blog for this fun little St. Anthony and St. Joseph combo story~

Monday, July 2, 2012

Submit A Prayer Petition And Light A Candle

The help of St. Anthony is universally sought to find what has been lost. His assistance is not limited to finding "lost car keys," but includes the finding of lost health, lost love through death, lost peace of mind, lost faith, or a loss particular to you. You are invited to share your prayer requests with the Conventual Franciscan Friars of the Shrine of St. Anthony in Maryland, and they will pray for your intentions.
Click here to visit their site, to request prayer and light a candle.