Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St. Anthony Relics To Visit Chicago, Australia, and Canada

After the astounding success of the visits of Saint Anthony's Relics to the New York tri-state area in February and to California in April, Fr. Mario Conte, Fr. Riccardo Giacon, and Fr. Paolo Floretta, from the Messenger of Saint Anthony in Padua will mark the 750th Anniversary of the Discovery of Saint Anthony's Relics by Saint Bonaventure in 1263 by visiting Chicago, South Australia and Canada in June, bringing each a precious relic from his Basilica in Padua.
The Eucharistic and Veneration Services will be celebrated as follows in Chicago (Il, U.S.A.), South Australia and Canada.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Once Has St. Anthony Failed Me

A St. Anthony story from

When I was a small child I had roller skates (the old-fashioned kind with a key). We could roller skate in the basement in the winter and streets in the summer. One day they were gone. I was so sad. I prayed to St. Anthony every day for 3 months. One day I went outside and there they were. Maybe someone stole them and felt guilty, but I did get them back. All my life when I lose things or misplace things (often lately) NOT ONCE has St. Anthony failed me in finding the item! He was with me as a child as Jesus was, and they both have stayed with me all my adult life.