Wednesday, December 30, 2015

With The Help Of This Sweet Saint

Dear Anthonians, I'd love to thank St. Anthony for his kindness upon me and my family.  I had been looking for my husband's misplaced license plate for a very long time.  I just could not remember where I kept it, and my husband wasn't making things easier with the way he was going about me finding it.  Just this morning, he told me that the buyer of his old car was coming and he would need to sell it with the license plate on and that he would really need it.  I was so clueless because I didn't exactly  remember where I had kept it in the garage. Just then I made up my mind to go search for it, but with the help of this sweet Saint. I first implored him and went out in search of it, only for my husband to tell me that he had seen it just as I was approaching the garage.  I quickly went in and made a thanksgiving prayer to St. Anthony.  Thank you my patron Saint and that of my home, Amen.

Thank you M.C. for your wonderful story of St. Anthony's assistance in your time of need. If you have a St. Anthony story to share with our readers, please email it to  us to share on the blog.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 5

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

"My son's car was stolen on 10/29 and I start praying to St. Anthony on 11/1, and on 11/4 the car was found in great shape no dents . It seems the starter quit and needed a new starter so that might be what saved us from losing it permanently, or having it chopped up. I love you St. Anthony, my prayers were answered." -R.K.

Blessed be St. Anthony! Works the vast majority of the time. I was looking for a turtle quilt pattern in my many piles of patterns and I found one – BUT – it wasn’t the exact turtle pattern I was looking for. After thanking him for that turtle, I added more specific details [and visualization] and I sure did find the particular pattern I was looking for. He works miracles. Thanks for listening. Jxo" -L.L.

"Tonight my mother lost her mothers antique diamond ring, all my grandmother ever owned while in this world. My grandmother had no possessions in this life when she died it was all my mother had left to remember her. I prayed to St. Anthony, patron saint of her brother, and 30 minutes later the store it was lost in called to tell me - a small boy found it and turned it in. May God bless that little boy and his family with many blessing and good health. Amen" -S.D.

"Thanksgiving to St. Anthony - My two dogs were lost for 6 LONG days. I prayed faithfully, & St. Anthony intervened to our loving God.  My dogs were found this morning & returned to me. Thank you St. Anthony,  I love you" -C.D.

"This prayer really does work. I lost my wallet, and my granddaughter told me about this prayer. I did exactly how it suggested I should, and I was lead to it. After it being lost for six days!!" -F.T.

"My friend came to my apartment to help with a computer problem. When he got home he couldn't find his wallet. We all panicked because if it was lost near my place it most likely would never show up again. I live in a bad part of town in an apartment complex. We searched high and low at both places. I asked my neighbors for help. I said a fervent prayer to St. Anthony to please turn up my friend's wallet. Minutes later they called and said they found it at home by the bed. I have other stories too. St Anthony has never failed me when I asked for lost items if it be God's will. Thank you St Anthony!!!!" -M.B.H.

"Thank you St. Anthony for favor granted" -Anon.

"He always helps me just when I think no help is left!  He helped me find my lost keys just in time, right before I had to pay a huge fee to re-key my apartment, storage, mailbox and car!  He is such a dedicated and reliable Saint! Thank You St. Anthony, I love you! " -V.A.

"I had been looking all morning Sunday for my license..I went to evening Mass, lit a candle to Jesus and said a prayer to St. Anthony. I came home and prepared for work, decided to look in one other place before retiring for the night..Praise be to God and St. Anthony, I found the county clerk and church copy... Blessings to St. Anthony.." -E.W.

"I thank God for through the intercession of Saint Anthony I found my lost identity card and atm cards in a short span." -P.W.

"The batteries for my radio that I listen to every night had run out, and they are a size (4 D's) that I usually don't keep around as I don't use that kind very much. Though the chance was small, I prayed for St. Anthony's help to find some of the right sized batteries. Just as I was saying the prayer, I opened one of my many junk drawers and there right on top were 4 D batteries, new in the package. Talk about a quick answer to prayer! Thank you St. Anthony for always helping, always being close by." -Ygnacia

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 1

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 2
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 3
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 4

Friday, December 11, 2015

Just Point Me In The Right Direction

My husband could not find his wallet this morning. We spent an hour looking throughout our house and in his truck. We looked in all the same places at least 2 or three times. I even went through the very smelly garbage twice just to double check. He back tracked to all the places he went in the morning. All the while I was praying to St. Anthony (as I have always done since I was little). Saint Anthony has never ever let me down. I can't think of one instance that he didn't come through for me. And I kept reminding him of that and thanking him at the same time. I remember saying "Oh Dear St. Anthony, please help me find my husbands wallet. Please just point me in the right direction". And as I turned to walk in to our living room, my eyes went straight to his recliner. And although we both checked that chair numerous times, including flipping it over, I made a beeline right to it. Only this time, I sat in it and reclined it. Then I stuck my arm in as deep as I could behind me in to the bottom of the chair. And then I felt the familiar cool soft leather of his wallet and I knew I found it. I was so happy, excited and relieved and ever so grateful. My husband couldn't believe it and was also so happy and thankful. Thank you Saint Anthony for prayers answered.

Thank you D.C. for such a faith-filled story, may we all come to trust as much in St. Anthony's assistance~

Friday, November 27, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Asked This Wonderful Saint

I am from a Muslim family but brought up in the Catholic faith, though not baptized yet and planning to soon. I heard in my childhood years that St. Anthony is the patron of lost and found. So I didn’t invoke him as I remember in my childhood years but now as I am slowly converting, I ask St. Anthony for his favours on behalf of my dad and friends. 
My dad is a tailor, and one day he found a dress missing which belonged to one of his customers and the two of them were frustrated. I asked this wonderful Saint (yes, all saints are wonderful) and the next morning without looking for it, he found it  in front of his eyes. 
And one day my friend had lost his wallet and it was stolen. My friend is a nonbeliever, but this Saint heard my prayers and after a month his wallet was found on the terrace with everything in it except the money. Thanks St. Anthony, Glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Thank you F.B. from India for your story of trust and confidence in St. Anthony's help in you life, and in the life of your family and friends. Saint Anthony truly is a friend in heaven, waiting to help all that ask for his intersession.  We pray that he helps lead you to Baptism and into Holy Mother Church very soon~

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mass At Mission San Antonio In Honor Of St. Junipero Serra

  Statue of St. Junipero Serra at Mission San Antonio

On October 9th., 2015, just three weeks after the canonization of Fr. Junipero Serra, the first Traditional Latin Mass in over 40 years at Mission San Antonio (St. Anthony Mission) was celebrated in honor of this great Apostle of California. The Mass was heard by all the pilgrims in attendance with joy and thanksgiving, among which were direct descendants of the first immigrants to California from Mexico that arrived with the Anza Expedition in 1776. All agreed that it was fitting that St. Serra was honored at Mission San Antonio, the third of the California Mission he established, with the very Latin Mass he himself said daily.

  Mission San Antonio's altar readied for the first 
Traditional Latin Mass there in over 40 years

The following is an excerpt from the book 'San Antonio de Padua, the Mission in the Sierras' by Fr. Engelhardt, O.F.M.: "After traveling twenty-five leagues to the South of Monterey, here, close to a river forthwith named San Antonio, Fr. Serra had the goods unpacked... The bells brought along were suspended from a branch of a live oak tree. The sight of them caused his enthusiasm. He ran up to them, grasped the cords and rang them in a lively manner. Then he shouted: 'Hear, Oh Gentiles! Come! Oh come to the holy Church of God! Come, Oh come, and receive the Faith of Christ!...let me give vent to my heart's desires; for I would that these bells were heard all over the world.' A large cross was then constructed, raised, blessed and venerated in keeping with the Roman Ritual. Here the venerable Father Serra celebrated the first holy Mass in honor of Saint Anthony, the patron of the new Mission, on July 14, 1770...The ringing of the bells had attracted the attention of at least one Native American, and had caused him to approach cautiously while holy Mass was in progress...The sight of the man filled St. Serra with joy which he expressed during his sermon in these words: 'I trust in God and in the favor of St. Anthony that this Mission will become a great settlement of many Christians, because we see here what has not been observed in any of the other Missions founded before, that at the very first holy Mass the first fruits from the local gentiles has been present.' Such, in brief, was the beginning of Mission San Antonio."

    Statue of St. Anthony holding the Child Jesus, 
above the altar at Mission San Antonio

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 All Souls Day Memorial Mass at St. Anthony's Basilica

This coming All Souls’ Day we remember our dear departed, whose memory fills us with longing and some grief. Keep your love for them alive; remember them for all time in your heart and in your prayers. Commend them to Saint Anthony’s care through the prayers of the Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony. You are welcome to ask the Friars to pray for your dear departed at a special Memorial Mass to be held at Saint Anthony’s Basilica, Padua, at 8:15 am CET on November 2nd, All Souls’ Day. They will also gladly place a candle on Saint Anthony’s Tomb in memory of your loved ones. As your little light shines out, they will pray for you and with you that God may bring you His sweet comfort and solace. On November 2nd at 8:15 am CET all are invited to watch the Mass live stream from Saint Anthony’s Basilica in Padua, Italy.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

What A Relief!

My youngest son, who works in a bank, was a custodian of land titles which are submitted by loan clients as collateral. Several months ago, he was given another responsibility and left this custodianship to another employee. It was during this time that they realized that one land title was missing. It was submitted by a client, but her loan transaction did not push through. That title was traced to have been submitted to my son. Since the transaction did not push through, the land title was not placed in the usual collateral cabinet. My son and all the employees in that department have been trying to locate the land title for months.

When my son informed me of this problem, I knew only a miracle could help him. So I thought of St. Anthony and sent a prayer request via email to a St. Anthony website. Then, their department had to move to a new office location. My son and other employees in their department took this opportunity to look for the title again for the nth time while packing folders and documents. According to my son, he had this gut feeling and asked his team mates to take out all the drawers of a cabinet and literally turned it upside down and he even pounded the top of the cabinet with his fist. That is when the brown envelope containing the land title fell on the floor. It got stocked in-between the drawers. What a relief!

In this country, it takes time and money to have the title replaced. We would have spent around P100,000.00 for the reconstitution of the title. Not to mention, the reputation of my son in the performance of his job. We are so thankful to St. Anthony. My son has been telling his officemates that it was indeed a miracle by St. Anthony.

Thank you C.L. for your great story of St. Anthony's help via prayer combined with intuition. If you have a St. Anthony story that you would like to share with our blog readers, please email it to us~

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Very Very Thankful

My daughter lost her iPad for school a few days ago. We searched high and low retracing her every step. We searched through all the vehicles she had been with - no luck. We had decided it had been stolen from her backpack. We began praying to St. Anthony for it's return. I laid awake in bed continuing to pray this morning. Later today, my husband opened the door to his truck and it was inside the door pocket! Plain as day! We had both looked through every nook and cranny in that truck! Words cannot express the gratitude! So very very thankful!

Thank you K.J. for you story of Saint Anthony's help in your family's life. Have a story of your own to share and encourage other's with? Email us and we will post it on our blog~

Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Couldn't Find The Money

We recently received two emails in the same week from readers that had lost cash, and then found it with the help of St. Anthony's intercession. Here they are~

This morning my wife gave me some money to put in my pocket so she wouldn't lose it. I thought I had but later we couldn't find the money. We looked everywhere we had been; in the car around the house, in all our pockets, in my wallet and in my wife's bag. No money. Then half in jest, I made a request to St. Anthony to find the money. You've guessed it! Within 5 minutes the money turned up, almost, but not quite, down the back of a chair I had been sitting in. Now a cynic would say I hadn't looked far enough BUT I had given up looking! I was just going to sit in that chair, not look for the money there! 1-0 for St. Anthony I think! -M.M.

I lost $300.00 and I couldn't find it. However, I remember getting out of my car in a busy parking lot. Even if I dropped the money there I was certain someone would most likely had found it and kept it. After praying to St. Anthony I went back to the spot hours later and found the money laying all over. Thank you St. Anthony!! -J.A.C.

Have a story of St. Anthony's assistance in your life? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog to encourage others to ask for St. Anthony's help too~

Thursday, October 1, 2015

St. Anthony Helped Me Find It

I live in Pinetown, South Africa. Last year during Sunday Mass our Priest told us about St. Anthony of Padua, I took note as I always do, not knowing that I will be calling on St. Anthony just three days later. My husband lost a very important memory stick which belonged to his manager, we looked everywhere for it with no luck. Then I remembered what Father had taught us - after calling on St. Anthony's help I was led straight to the car and there was the memory stick, stuck between the armrest and the front passenger seat!
Last week on Tuesday I lost a test exercise book which had been submitted to me for moderation. On Wednesday I looked everywhere for it but couldn't find it. Since it was a long weekend for schools here on Friday I went to the Repository and bought a St. Anthony's pin, took it to church on Sunday, and our Priest blessed it. On Monday I wore the pin to work, said the prayer, and went straight to one of the two cupboards that are in the office (on Wednesday I had already looked in that cupboard) and inside was an empty box of duplicating paper with only one item inside, the exercise book!!! The box was not there on Wednesday - how it got there I don't know, but the most important thing to me is that St. Anthony helped me find it!! St. Anthony is truly the finder of lost items! I am truly grateful! Kind regards, N.M.

Thank you N.M. for your inspirational story of St. Anthony's assistance in your life. If you have a story of prayers answered through the intercession of St. Anthony, please email them to us and we will post them on the blog.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

St. Anthony's Guild - St. Junipero Serra

With great joy on this day that Fr. Junipero Serra is canonized a saint, is the following from a St. Anthony's Guild prayer card from 1954:

Junipero Serra, the Franciscan Missionary and Apostle of California, is known for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He sought "the gold and silver of the Indies - the gold of immortal souls and the silver crown of martyrdom," and left his "Rosary of Missions" along California's El Camino Real, from which has sprung most of what is holy and most of what is cultural in the far western part of the United States.

O Lord Jesus Christ, you have rewarded the apostolic zeal of Thy servant Junipero Serra, who, leaving home and fatherland, labored for the salvation of souls in Mexico and California. Thou hast graciously deigned by evident signs and prodigies to glorify him, so that for the exaltation of Thy Most Holy Name he was raised to the honors of the altar. Grant that through his merits I may obtain the grace I desire. Amen.

Saint Junipero Serra, Apostle of California, pray for us~

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Big Job For St. Anthony

From our friends at St. Anthony's Shrine in Cincinnati, Ohio, here is a Saint Anthony story from one of their own staff:

At work, we share St. Anthony stories all the time. Here’s one from Margot who works in the finance office. ~Bless St. Anthony, I just love the way he works in my life.
One busy Saturday this July I was out and about — lunch with my sister-in-law and niece, my husband and our boys, running errands, putting away things at the house, walking the dog. Later in the afternoon my boys watched a movie, so I crashed on the loveseat in the living room and fell asleep. Half-awake some 20 minutes later, I ran my thumb over my diamond ring and realized that the points were bent up and the diamond was gone!!! I had NO idea when I lost it, so I started to try to re-do all my movements during the day. While I was going through that process, my sister-in law and niece stopped by the house and I told them I lost my diamond and please keep an eye out for it. They asked, ‘What are you going to do?’ I said, ‘Well, the first thing to do is ask St. Anthony for his help. This is what you say, “St. Anthony, my mother says you can find anything. Can you please help me find my diamond?” I even went back to the one store where I might have lost it and tried to recreate the exact same things that I had done there earlier. At home while I was frantically searching, my husband just said, ‘Well, this is a big job for St. Anthony.’ But he didn’t get upset or help in the search for the diamond. After accepting that the diamond was just gone, I actually got a good night’s sleep because I had no control over the situation.
I was awakened by my husband picking my hand up and putting my diamond into it. He found it when he was starting the coffee, in the coffee filter bag in the corner cupboard! You know, I remember reaching up there to get a funnel to pour out some of our new olive oil… but I still believe that St. Anthony found it for me and put it where my husband would find it! Thank you St. Anthony!

Have a story of St. Anthony's help in your own life? Email it to us and we will share it on the blog~

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Suddenly Remembered St. Anthony

Hi, I am from Malaysia. I had a habit of hiding important documents inside my house and I did it with my mother's passport. When she needed it urgently, as she will be making an oversea trip soon, I just could not remember where I had hidden it. For the past 2 days, we had searched almost the whole house for it without success. We intend to make a police report this morning and get a replacement copy, which is a very very tedious and time consuming process (we were worried about replacement process period). I suddenly remembered St. Anthony. So, this morning when I arrived at my office, I prayed hard to St. Anthony to help locate the passport. 15 minutes after my prayer, my office's telephone rang and it was my mother with the most wonderful piece of news ........ SHE HAS FOUND HER PASSPORT!! Where she found it, I couldn't believe it because I had searched the same place a couple of times and had just missed a small part of the location. I was so happy that I couldn't stop smiling to myself. It is really a miracle and I thank St. Anthony from the bottom of my heart for helping us in our hour of desperation.

Thank you N.Z. for sharing your faith filled story of St. Anthony's assistance. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will share it with our readers on our blog.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

"I See My Lord" - The Death Of St. Anthony

The Shrine of Arcella is in a neighborhood in the city of Padua. At the time of St. Anthony, Arcella was a small village just outside the city walls called Capo di Ponte, where there was a small church, Santa Maria della Cella; next to this was a convent of the Poor Clares and a hermitage where a few friars minor lived. Tradition states that this primitive friary was founded in 1220 by St. Francis of Assisi upon his return from the Holy Land. Saint Anthony was brought here during his final moments on the evening of June 13th., 1231, while he was being transported to Padua. This is where he died.

"Finding the Saint there, the hand of the Lord descended upon him, increasing his suffering with great violence, creating much anxiety. After a brief rest, having received the Sacrament of Confession and absolution, he began to sing a hymn to the Blessed Mother, O Glorious Lady. As he finished, raising his eyes to heaven with a look of ecstasy, he stared straight ahead. When his fellow friar who was holding him asked what he saw, he replied 'I see my Lord'. At last, that holy soul, freed from the prison of the flesh, was absorbed in the abyss of light." (Vita Assidua).

The cell where St. Anthony died is preserved inside a large church built in 1895 on the site of previous structures and enlarged in 1930. Source: Messenger of Saint Anthony

Saturday, August 8, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 4

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

"The diamond in my ring fell out while at work. I prayed to St. Anthony that night and the next day. I went out to my car after work, (the day after I lost it) saw something shiny on the ground but wasn't going to pick it up because it looked rectangular. Good thing I did because it was my diamond, on the ground by my car in the parking lot! It was indeed a miracle. Thank you St. Anthony!" -L.M.

"I had misplaced a file in the office with suppliers invoices and it was needed immediately. I did not have the slightest idea of where it would be as I am not the only one handling the file. We looked for it and my colleague already gave up on it. I remembered that prayer to St. Anthony would be of great need. I prayed the prayer on this link, and after praying the second time I do not know what led me to the server room. I found it there as it was the only place we had not looked for. No one would imagine it would be found there. I thank God for the answered prayer through St. Anthony. To God be Glory Forever…" -K

"My sincere thanks to St. Anthony for helping me locate an envelope with a credit card in it." -M.D.

"My family borrowed my keys and lost my work office key. I have been praying for months and last night my grandson found them. Thank you St. Anthony." -L.M.G.

"I am truly Blessed the Saint Anthony helped me to find my two precious rings. I had looked everywhere. Then at midnight last night I got out of bed and found them in a basket in my office. Very exciting. Thank you Saint Anthony for all your help." -A-M.S.

"I lost my car keys yesterday, the power went out, and when it came back on I was rummaging through everything I own, and I prayed to Saint Anthony. I thought about it all day and when I came back someone where I lived had my keys!" -C.B.

"Thank you St. Anthony as with your help we found our lost item which belonged to my grandson, given to him by his grandfather. Amen." -Anon.

"I searched all over my house for my specs - I was thinking I must have thrown them out, then I knew there was a prayer for lost things. I googled it and found St. Anthony and gave a pray for them. Guess what, I found them in the kitchen - thank you St. Anthony." -M.B.

"I had misplaced my cupboard key and could not find it anywhere. My purse, atm cards and other important documents were inside the cupboard. In total desperation I said a prayer to St. Anthony to show me where to look. I searched in the area that was constantly coming in my head and found the key. My gratitude to St. Anthony for helping me. Sorry for not publishing this earlier." -J.F.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 1

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 2
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 3

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Couldn't Find My Passport

I was in the United States for a visit, but I am originally from Nigeria. With just two days to my return to my country, I couldn't find my passport. I searched everywhere and didn't even sleep at night. I started praying and was really scared, and then I googled the St. Anthony prayer for lost items and prayed with faith, believing in God. The next morning I started the search again, still praying and reciting the prayer, but the only place that kept coming to mind was at FEDEX where I went to scan my passport. I went there with my aunt, and God being faithful to me, the workers had kept it safe for me, and it had been there for over two weeks. God is indeed a merciful God.

Thank you I. for your story of prayer and faith in God, through the intercession of good St. Anthony~

Monday, July 20, 2015

I Truly Believe In St. Anthony

Hi There,
I truly believe in St. Anthony and I also want to spread my experience with others - I can actually see the miracle happening with others as well.
I had misplaced my passport and couldn’t find it. I have the habit of carrying important document along with me to office and whenever I change my bag or dispose them generally very casual assuming all will be safe and nothing left in the old bag. When the time came for me produce my passport I realized I lost or misplaced it and couldn’t find it. At that time my Catholic friend told me about St. Anthony and asked me to pray to him for lost and found items. I couldn’t believe it was a Tuesday - I prayed and I found my passport in my cupboard the next day within my dresses. Then I became a follower of St. Anthony. I have many experiences with my family and friends, wherein I felt my family wouldn't believe me, so I prayed and they found it.

My sister and niece had gone shopping, after they came back home, my niece’s golden earring was missing from one of her ears. The minute I heard this I prayed to St. Anthony without their knowledge. The next day my sister went to those shops where they had gone last night. One shopkeeper had kept the earring safely, since he thought it might of the young girl who was playing with the dresses hanging on the display. It's unbelievable.

I work for a digital ad agency - my colleague got new debit card and apparently there was issue with her pin number, hence she kept it at home and then was not able to locate it. She was worried to inform others at home since it was new debit card. I told her about St. Anthony, and today she got the card and the card is functional. We discussed this last Tuesday, and today again it was Tuesday and she could withdraw money. Isn’t this a miracle. The minute I was talking to her, she was very much convinced and did a google search to find out more about St. Anthony and that’s how I started speaking my heart out. Hope this helps someone to find the lost item.
Regards, S.K.

Thank you for you S.K. for your stories of faith and prayer. St. Anthony is always there, ready to help whenever asked, with Tuesday's as common day that prayers are answered~

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sense That I Should Ask Was Very Strong

I lost an expensive new birthday gift yesterday that I had only had for two days, a fitbit fitness tracker. I knew the window of time that it had been lost in and had been back to every place and asked dozens of people if they had seen it if they remembered if I was still wearing it. I had even begun to suspect it had perhaps been stolen by a pickpocket by a door to door sales person I met and shook hands with. By this morning I had made the decision to accept it's loss and marked it up to experience.
The next moment I saw someone that I know slightly and stopped to talk to her - She was looking harassed because she had lost an large expenses receipt and if she can't find it it will leave her seriously out of pocket. For the first time in two days I wasn't even thinking of my own lost item. We talked through every place it might have been and she said she would check a few more placed at home. As we parted I said, "You should send a prayer up to St. Anthony." Then immediately - I suddenly thought. I should ask at my sons school about the fitbit. This seemed strange because I'd already lost it by school pick-up time, and I still had it when I dropped him at school. But the sense that I should ask was very strong. I went in and asked at reception and there it was. Someone had found it in the street on the corner between some shops and the school, and handed it in there because they thought it looked like a kids watch. ( I have very thin wrists.)
I hope that my acquaintance (who I now see more as a friend) has found that receipt. I have a strong feeling it is in a book she was reading at the time she was doing the work.
So, intervention or focused intuition. I know that the two things are in the end the same. Thank you St.Anthony - x X x
I am glad to have found my fitbit and regained my connection and faith in people. Now I just need to make amends somehow to the street seller for suspecting them though I don't know how. It was wrong of me to have suspected them, because of their 'hard sales' style of being dishonest.

Thank you N.H. for your great St. Anthony story. In our post on 'How To Find Something By Praying To St. Anthony', it is clear that following your intuition is key to finding what is lost.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 3

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

"I could not find my purse and it had over $100 dollars in it. After an intensive search of all the usual places, as well as the unusual places that I might have put the purse, I read the prayer to St. Anthony. I followed the instructions, check carefully again. My husband joined in the search to no avail. I started searching the same places again while repeating the prayer. Voila! There it was in the first, usually kept place. I thank you St. Anthony." -P.H.

"Dear St. Anthony for nearly 4 years I was in a legal situation where I lost my teaching career as well as my fire hall job. It was very devastating and emotional not only to me but to my whole family, my wife and three daughters. I prayed continuously to St. Jude and St. Tekewitha. My mom is 93 years old, and I asked her to pray also for me. She told me last week to pray to St. Anthony also. Miracles are possible, because I started to pray to St. Antony and on my final day in court the jury found me not guilty on all three counts. And, it was on the ninth day for the St. Anthony prayer. Thank You, St Anthony." -C.B.

On June 9th., 2015:
"Please help me to pray through St. Anthony. I lost 10,000 naira in my office, which i will pay if not found"
Then, on June 10th., 2015:
"Thank you very much. I have found the money. When I was praying, I told St. Anthony that I needed to see the money, because I have to settle the account before I leave for the day. In the evening I found the money. St. Anthony! Praise God." -E.A.

"Thank you St. Anthony for quickly interceding on my behalf. Shortly after praying to St. Anthony for additional client business that would sustain the livelihood of our company and it's employees, we landed our biggest account ever! No doubt this is God’s blessing upon our company. God has many blessings waiting for those who trust in his ways." -C.M.

"Thanks to St. Anthony for finding the lost key." -V.G.

"My father recently passed away and I was lucky to have his necklace with a cross on it that he has worn for years father and I were very close so I was devastated when I realized that the cross fell off the chain the same night I was at a movie theater - it could of fallen off anywhere...I looked in the car, outside the clothes, everywhere - I was devastated and in tears...I prayed to St. Anthony and it was found outside next to the car 3 days later...I'm so grateful." -K.K.

"Through the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua and Dornalli I was expecting an amount of financial help towards the purchase of house, which I received wonderfully. Thanking St. Anthony along with Mother Mary for co-operation. Amen." -T.V.

"I would like to inform you that I have recovered my lost item after searching for it endlessly and overnight after praying to St. Anthony before going to bed when I woke up was actually guided where to look for it and it was actually there. This is a fact and I'm a believer." -M.D.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 1

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 2
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 4

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Live Streaming Of St. Anthony's Feast Day Masses from Padua, Italy

On June 13th., 2015, Saint Anthony's Feast Day, the solemn Masses will be streamed live from the High Altar of the Basilica at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM (CET).

From May 31st., 2015, the start of the 13-Day-Novena to St. Anthony, you will find a great novelty at the Basilica: a webcam which will film the area around the Tomb of St. Anthony every day for the whole day. The video camera which films the area around the Main Altar will, in any case, remain active. This video camera is already streaming the Masses during important feast days.

May the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua be a blessing to you, may St. Anthony always be of assistance to you in this coming year, and may the Blessed Baby Jesus in the arms of St. Anthony be the joy and center of your life, now and always~ Ygnacia & friends

Friday, June 12, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 13, World’s Greatest Saint

Thank you for joining in for the thirteenth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. For our last meditation today’s theme is St. Anthony, the world’s greatest saint. We are in the Basilica, at the back of the Saint’s Tomb: thousands of people every day touch this stone as they say their prayers to St. Anthony. Almost four million people come every year to Padua to visit his tomb. That’s probably why St. Anthony is lovingly called the World’s greatest saint, but Fr. Mario is sure the Saint would reject that title, believing others to be holier than himself.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 12, Intercessor Before God

Thank you for joining in for the twelfth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today the theme is St. Anthony, Intercessor before God. Fr. Mario is in the Chapel of St. Anthony’s relics, where we can find the reliquary with St. Anthony’s tongue. The tongue through which he constantly prayed, interceding for individuals, the Church and the world. Moreover, Fr. Mario focuses on the two times St. Anthony’s tomb was opened, in 1231 and in 1981, and tells us what was found inside of it...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 11, Defender of the Persecuted

Thank you for joining in for the eleventh of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today Fr. Mario reminds us that St. Anthony was a defender of the persecuted, nowadays we would call him a “human rights defender”. He helped children, elderly people, women and even prisoners. Through this focus he was a follower of traditional Catholic teaching and practice, but also from this point of view St. Anthony is a very modern personality.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 10, Life Counselor

Thank you for joining in for the tenth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today’s theme is St. Anthony, life counselor. According to St. Anthony’s biographers, even though he was a very learned person, he was so good at preaching that even children could understand him. He was the perfect counselor. His advice was always insightful, scripture based, unique, and practical.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 9, Comforter of the Afflicted

Thank you for joining in for the ninth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy.Today’s theme is St. Anthony, comforter of the afflicted. St. Anthony recognizes that life is a rough journey full of difficulties, but he knows that no human being makes this journey alone: the Holy Spirit is with each one of us.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 8, Apostle of Forgiveness

Thank you for joining in for the eighth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Our theme today is St. Anthony, apostle of forgiveness: only God knows how many people came to St. Anthony for confession, received God’s forgiveness for their sins, and went away forgiven, filled with joy, and ready to make restitution.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 7, Peacemaker

Thank you for joining in for the seventh of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today Fr. Mario tells us about St. Anthony the peacemaker. He was a true Franciscan, and many people were touched by his peacemaking efforts. He strove to bring peace between person and person, and between God and the individual.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 6, Saint of miracles

Thank you for joining in for the sixth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today’s theme is St. Anthony, the saint of miracles. Fr. Mario reminds us that saints do not perform miracles, but they are intimately connected to God, and St. Anthony is next to Our Father, constantly pulling at God’s sleeve asking Him peace and good for people who need help.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 5, Preacher Of The Word

Thank you for joining in for the fifth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today Fr. Mario tells us how St. Anthony’s genius for preaching was discovered almost by chance, and how he became one of the most remarkable preachers in Catholic history.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 4, Friend Of The Poor

Thank you for joining in for the fourth of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today’s theme is St. Anthony, father of the poor, comforter of the needy. Fr. Mario reminds us that St. Anthony not only preached about the plight of the poor, he also tried to remedy the situation through tangible works of charity together with his fellow friars.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 3, Hope For Those Who Are Ill

Thank you for joining in for the third of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today’s theme is St. Anthony, hope for those who are ill. St. Anthony was always very concerned about sick people, and many are the miracles he performed to help them. In his Sermons he constantly recommends prayer.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 2, Liberator of Prisoners

Thank you for joining in for the second of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Today’s theme is St. Anthony, liberator of prisoners. Fr. Mario reminds us that St. Anthony was really concerned about both real prisoners, victims of unfair laws, and people imprisoned spiritually, enslaved by sin and evil.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Reflections On St. Anthony – Day 1, Singer Of The Virgin Mary

Thank you for joining in for the first of 13 days of reflections in preparation for the Feast of St. Anthony, filmed on location at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. In this first meditation Fr. Mario asks St. Anthony, who was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to help us to develop a deeper devotion to Jesus’ mother.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

13 Video Meditations In Preparation For St. Anthony's Feast Day

13 day Novena to St. Anthony of Padua - from May 31 to June 12:
The Friars of Saint Anthony are pleased to invite you to join them online to prepare yourself for the feast of our beloved Saint Anthony of Padua.
Every day, from May 31st. to June 12th., they will release a video filmed at some of the most inspiring locations in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Fr. Mario Conte, OFMConv will present the series of 13 short video meditations about the figure and spirituality of the Paduan saint. Please also join them on June 13th. for Saint Anthony's Feast Day Mass, which will be streamed live, from the High Altar of the Basilica at 10:00 am (CET).

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

St. Anthony Relic To Visit New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut In June, 2015

This June, in honor of the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, Fr. Paolo Floretta will bring a holy relic of St. Anthony of Padua from his Basilica in Padua, Italy. Father Paolo will visit four dioceses in the Tri-State area: the New York Archdiocese, The Brooklyn/Queens Diocese, The Paterson, New Jersey Diocese and The Bridgeport, Connecticut Diocese. Father Paolo is thrilled and honored to bring Saint Anthony of Padua, in the form of a holy relic, to Manhattan and Queens during the week in which the beloved saint’s feast day falls – June 13th.
Last year, the relics awed and inspired thousands of Catholics in America.  Devotion to Saint Anthony is an accepted part of life for many people in the Tri-State region, but an encounter with the relic moves it to the forefront.  People describe it as a confirmation of their Catholic faith.
The schedule of the visits are as follows:

St. Anthony’s Relics Visit Connecticut, June 6th. - 7th.
St. Charles Borromeo Church
391 Ogden Street,
Bridgeport, CT 06609

Saturday, June 6th.
2:00 pm veneration begins
4:00 pm Vigil mass followed by veneration
7:00 pm Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish Mass
followed by veneration

Sunday, June 7th.
7:00 am Haitian mass followed by veneration
9:00 am Spanish mass followed by veneration
10:30 am English mass followed by veneration
12:30 pm Spanish mass followed by veneration
5:00 pm Haitian mass followed by veneration

Visit of the Relics of St. Anthony in Elmhurst, Queens, June 8th. & June 9th.
St. Adalbert Parish
52-29 83rd. St.(off Grand Avenue)
Elmhurst, NY 111373
Borough of Queens

Monday, June 8th.
Upper Church
9 am Mass followed by veneration
Veneration all day long
6 pm Mass in English followed by veneration
7:30 pm Mass in Polish followed by veneration

Tuesday, June 9th.

Upper Church
9 am Mass followed by veneration
Veneration all day long
7:30 pm Mass in English followed by veneration

St. Anthony’s Relics Visit New Jersey, June 10th., 12th., & 14th.
Wednesday, June 10th.
Our Lady of the Lake Parish
294 Sparta Ave. Sparta, NJ 07871
8:30 am Holy Mass
7:30 am to 2:00 pm Veneration

Saint Anthony Parish
138 Beech Street - Paterson, NJ 07501
Tel: 973 742 9695
7:00 pm Holy Mass
3:30 pm to 8:00 PM Veneration

Friday, June 12th.
Saint Mary Parish
425 West Blackwell St. - Dover, NJ 07801
9:00 am Holy Mass
7:30 am to 11:30 am Veneration

Saint Anthony Parish
320 Oak St. Passaic, NJ 07055
1:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Veneration
7:00 pm: Holy Mass

Sunday, June 14th.

St Margaret of Scotland Parish
6 Sussex Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960
1:30 pm to 4:00: pm Veneration
3:00 pm: Holy Mass

Saint Anthony Parish
276 Diamond Bridge Ave. Hawthorne, NJ 07506
6:00 pm Holy Mass followed by veneration

Visit of the Relics of St. Anthony to Manhattan, June 11th. & 13th.
Thursday, June 11th.
Our Lady of Victory Church
60 William Street - New York – 10005
7:15, 7:45, 8:20, 1:05 pm Holy Masses in Lower Church
12:15 and 5:15 pm masses in Main Church
7:00 am to 6:00 pm veneration

Saturday, June 13th.
St. Francis of Assisi Church
135 W. 31st Street - New York 10001
Holy Masses in Upper Church:
8:00; 9:00; 10:00; 11:00; 12:30 pm; 1:30;
2:30; 4:00; 5:15; 6.30 (Kreyol)
Veneration all day in Lower church
6:30 pm Filipino Holy Mass in Lower Church

For details, contact Tom Muscatello with the Anthonian Association at 914.263.8841.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Always A Sense Of Amazement

Today I prayed to St. Anthony to give my mind the clarity and the guidance I needed to find my keys. My search began yesterday and into today. And in the course of my search for my keys ended with me finding your blog!
I searched through kitchen drawers and cabinets, counter tops, appliances, dressers, furniture, restrooms, bedrooms, laundry baskets, my vehicle and the garage. I took a break and talked with my mother who reminded me to pray to St. Anthony. She's constantly praying to him for herself and for others. So I did; I asked that he help me in my search, I prayed that he'd help clear my mind, help me be patient and give the guidance I was looking for to start my search again. I got up, went out to my car again, came back in the kitchen and there were my keys laying on the floor!! It's always a sense of amazement when St Anthony helps you in your time of loss. I felt so gracious I wanted to say prayer of thanks to him, and searched online for a "St. Anthony prayer of gratitude" and ended up finding this blog as well!!

We are grateful that you found our blog as well as your keys, thank you V.D. for sharing your story~

Monday, April 13, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 2

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

A big Thank You to St. Anthony - My daughter has misplaced her miraculous medal & a cheque. After searching for months without success, I decided to pray to St. Anthony. The good news is both items were found as if by a miracle. Thank you for your website which makes it possible for me to give testimony online to show my gratitude to this wonderful Saint. - R.L.

I had been looking for my work keys for a while and could not find them. I searched high and low for them and after I praying to God and St. Anthony I walked to my truck and found my keys on my passenger door pocket. I am tremendously thankful!! - C.M.G.

I have been praying to St Anthony for many years. Recently I renewed my driver's license and I lost it. I prayed And prayed. St. Anthony answered my prayers again I was happy I would had to pay $40.00 again. I will ever be grateful to St Anthony. - D.T.

My son seems to always misplace his wallet or phone. After this has happened yet again I decided to ask St. Anthony for help. I have been praying to St. Anthony for the past 34 years but have never asked for his help in finding things. So when my son misplaced his wallet today , I asked for help. Well within a couple of hours we found the wallet in his suitcase. I know this was from St. Anthony. Thank you St. Anthony for your help. - S.F.

I was a college professor who was unemployed for a very long time. I had no car. I was taking the bus to various minimum wage jobs in which I was overqualified. I prayed the St. Anthony prayer for employment. It took a little. Through St. Anthony’s intercession, I’m working as a Test Administrator and professor at one of the best medical teaching colleges in my area. True story. Thank you and Go St. Anthony. - G.N.

I wonder your viewers may never notice that they got those answered graces on Tuesdays? My friend got a great grace on Tuesday and he got great news on Tuesday recently. It has struck again,our lucky Tuesday again!!! Last Tuesday, My daughter got a very good job in a bank. I just start my fourth Tuesday. I hope to finish it on 5th. May. She failed her first interview and got a feedback as it was explained that she has no office experience. She got another phone call from her interviewer for a second interview. She got the new job on dot. She will may have a difficult training, for some months. She was so lucky to get that job whereas others are trying to find better jobs. Thank you St. Anthony for looking after my struggling family. Jesus, thank you for listening St Anthony ‘s intercession on my behalf. Praised be to God. Amen. - M.C.

I would like to say I prayed to St Anthony to help me find my family bible which I misplaced and I found my bible on the 5th. day of praying to St. Anthony. Thank you so much St Anthony for praying to God Our Father for me and for the finding of my family bible. You are such a powerful Saint. Oh Sacred Heart Of Jesus I Place All My Trust In You. Amen and Amen. - M.W.

Dear St. Anthony, Thank you for finding the lost key. I appreciate your help so much. - Sincerely, J.B.

Hi!! I prayed to Saint Anthony.. and did find my wallet... Over a week of searching and praying..and a person showed up with it .. Did not expect it to be ever found again... God's miracle... The prayer works...;) - God Bless, S.H.

My husband got a surprise when his boss told him that he will get a raise ( more money) last Tuesday. He meant to ask his boss for more money for one year, but he looked for a right time to catch his boss in good mood. Out of the blue, his boss approached him and let him know about increased salary. Again, lucky Tuesday. It shows that St Anthony always looks after our needs. - M.C.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanks~

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 1
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 3
St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 4

Monday, March 30, 2015

I Searched High And Low

About 5 months ago I lost my favorite necklace. I remember taking it off in my bedroom. I searched high and low, going through my wardrobe thinking it may have gotten caught in some piece of clothing I had been wearing. I searched through all my jewelry numerous times to no avail. Shortly thereafter my daughter lost her job and we were devastated. I had already been praying to St. Anthony to find my necklace; now I needed him to find my daughter a job as well. I prayed for months but decided that a job was more important than a necklace so I told St. Anthony to forget the necklace. I continued to pray for my daughter to find a job. Today in church as I was walking by the pamphlet rack I noticed the Children's missals. I also noticed they were the very same as ones I had bought my granddaughters many years ago. Right beside them was my necklace that someone had found in church and placed there. The strangest thing is I had walked by that rack every Sunday since my necklace went missing and it was only today that I just happen to glance in that direction. Thank you, St. Anthony!

Thank you P.H. for your St. Anthony story. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Was Astonished

I WAS ASTONISHED!!! Short story...last night I did my usual procedure - brushed and flossed, then proceeded to take off my earrings. One of the earrings in my right ear got tangled in my hair. In an effort to quickly get it untangled, it dislodged then bounced off the night table and vanished! Obviously, the search began, lasting one full hour, but the earring refused to show itself. I consoled myself with the fact that I probably would find it in the daylight. I woke up, did my usual things, and proceeded to put on different earrings. I then began a thorough fine-tooth-comb search that lasted about an hour again. The earring just hid even deeper from my view.
A few hours later, I walked into the bedroom and thought of my Mother, who whenever something was lost always said a prayer to St. Anthony and thus the lost object was found. I would say to her, 'just coincidence.' My Mother was very religious person. I am not. And so, after two hours of a really complete search, my Mom and St. Anthony popped into my head. My cats all lined up in a row behind me, staring at me as if they were thinking, "who are you talking to?" as I said out loud, "St. Anthony, I am really sorry to bother you but I lost my earring. I tried everything, so can you please help me find it?" Honestly, not even a full 60 seconds elapsed before I walked toward the same place where I had searched at least 20 times....looked down on the floor again, and there was my earring. I am truly amazed! That had been the first spot I looked last night and today, on the right side of my make-up table.
Yours truly,

Thank you J.L. for your story - may you continue to be astonished through the intersession of Good St. Anthony. Have an astonishing story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Cried In Gratitude To Saint Anthony

Years and years ago I had lost a huge key ring of keys. At the time money was so tight and the thought of trying to get new keys made for everything from cars to the house etc… was upsetting and left me with pure guilt. How could I be so careless? What could I have done to prevent this from happening? What made it sickening was on this key chain I had irreplaceable sentimental souvenir coins and charms. I searched everywhere. Re-tracing every inch I could have lost them. Thinking it had to be in the hands of someone that would just toss it in the trash being useless to them. I could picture them tossed in an old dirty dumpster floor.
A co-worker heard how distraught I was and the effort I was searching for this keyring while I was trying to be realistic and listing everything from my home, garage, bike lock keys to my Mom’s keys, my car to my Mom’s car keys… The list increased as I tried to account for everything. I received lectures from everyone how I shouldn’t have ever had them all on the same keyring. Frustrated with myself with the thought I would have to go and collect my Mom’s spare keys. Then my co-worker told me to pray to Saint Anthony. First of all, I am not Catholic. I believe in the good of God but I could count on my ten fingers how many times I have been to church which most have been for weddings.
I went home that evening from work and looked everywhere once again without any luck. In desperation, I got down on my knees and prayed with all my heart. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but possibly some guidance or help with the consequence of my loss and tried to sleep.
They say the morning brings a new day. I woke up telling myself I had to just “deal with it” and will search for a local locksmith after the work day. Got ready for work as usual and as I was ready to rush out of the house with my two spare keys (house and car) in hand, I went for my purse and laying on my purse was my missing keyring. I screamed. Anyone would have thought I won the power ball. Let me repeat, they were ON TOP of my purse not even in my purse. I was stunned. I cried in gratitude to Saint Anthony. It had to be him.
Thank you Saint Anthony, thank you with all my heart.

And thank you A.I.C. for sharing your story of St. Anthony's help with all of us. Have a story of St. Anthony's help of you own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Know In My Heart It Was St. Anthony

My daughter was going to be traveling out of the country in about 10 days. I could not find our passports. I tore the house apart, drawers, closets etc. I had been searching on and off for weeks. I called my daughter at school (she is in college in another state) to tell her that I couldn't find them. I made an appointment for her to go to the nearest passport office to get a replacement which was 2 hours from her school. I had been praying to St. Anthony for several days. My daughter decided to come home to help me look. I insisted that if it's here I'll find it. Low and behold she found them! They were in my closet in a place I never would have looked. She said she just had a feeling that she needed to come home to look for them. I know in my heart it was St. Anthony that sent her home. We are eternally grateful to St. Anthony! I have been saying prayers of thanksgiving all day. While she was home she was able to visit a very dear friend that is has cancer and is not expected to live much longer, so in addition to finding our lost passports she was able to bring some cheer to a dear friend.

Thank you E.K. for your story of trust in St. Anthony~ If you have a St. Anthony story to share, email it to us and we will post it on our blog for other readers to be inspired by.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Believe Deep In My Heart

St. Anthony is indeed a miraculous worker. I traveled to Holland with my family in the Summer, on my way back at the train station my daughter who was holding my handbag mistakenly left it at the station. When we realized what happened and went back to the place, the bag had disappeared. In the bag was my new iPad mini, house keys and some other things. A few days later I remembered St. Anthony was the patron of lost properties, so I prayed for days and handed everything over to him. To my greatest surprise a month later I got a call from a guy who claimed to be in possession of my bag with everything intact. I believe deep in my heart St. Anthony is a true Saint.

Thank you I.F. for your story of trust in Good St. Anthony's intersession~ Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Of Course Prayer Works

Hello - I recently misplaced a small lockbox of gemstones, jewelry & precious metals that I had been carefully accumulating over 20 years. I thought it might be a good idea to keep some gold & silver in case my country’s economy collapsed, or we had a natural disaster, or needed emergency funds/valuables to barter in case we became refugees in our lifetime. My husband and I had been adding storage shelving in our basement of our home & in the moving of boxes and the Christmas holiday, my box was not in its usual hiding place! Of course, I tried not panic, and tried a methodical search in places where I thought it might be. After diligently searching for 3 hours, I burst into tears around midnight, and tried to sleep. I could not relax, so I went to my laptop & tried to distract my mind. I somehow found myself reading about prayers to find lost objects. I said the prayers and tried one more search. No luck. I went to sleep and tried to let it go for a night.
My husband came from from his night shift job and when I tearfully confessed, he said ‘I know it's in this house, I will find it.’ 10 minutes later, he came back upstairs with the lockbox in his hands! He said he found it in the new shelving unit, but in another storage tub that looked like the one I had used before.
Of course prayer works - just not in the way we expect it to! God bless.

Thank you blog reader C.S. for your story of St. Anthony's answered prayers. Have a story of you own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Was A Gift From St. Anthony To You

A St. Anthony story from

I am writing about two of my co workers — one lost a set of keys and the other an i-pod. They both came to me at different times because they had heard that I knew a prayer that had worked before. I prayed to St. Anthony because I had lost items, said the prayer from the heart and not the mind, and it worked. The first one found his keys within 15 minutes, the second one got a call within 12 hours. When they came to me and told me the results I felt such a blessing that I wanted to cry but being that I was at work I kept my feelings to myself and told them, this was a gift from St. Anthony to you, now you give St. Anthony a gift and pass it on. And when it comes back full circle enjoy the blessing. It works if you work it from the heart and not the mind. Faith is the key.

Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will pass on your blessings for others to read~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What A Great Saint We Have!

St. Anthony, I love you! What a great saint we have! I believe with all of my heart! Two years ago, at Christmas, I was wrapping presents when I noticed my diamond was missing from my engagement ring. I've been married for 33 years, and was devastated. I retraced my steps of that day, including calling the owner of the preschool where I work, to check the classroom, playground, parking lot, and even went through the vacuum cleaner bag there! I started praying to St. Anthony right away, and have been praying to him ever since.
Right before Christmas this year, I remember saying another prayer for the lost diamond, and even mentioned to him that at this point he was going to have to make it quite obvious where it was if I was ever going to find it! Well, low and behold, at Christmas this year, there it appeared on my kitchen hallway floor! Just like that! There was no way I could miss it! At first I was skeptical that it was really my diamond, even though it looked like it would fit perfectly into my ring. I've just been contemplating it for weeks now, so today I took it to a local jeweler, and he confirmed that it was indeed a diamond, my diamond. A miracle? Yes! I just said the Prayer to St. Anthony in Thanksgiving for this answered prayer, and it made me cry! I meant every word of that prayer. He is forever in my heart. Thank you!

Thank you C.V. for your truly amazing story of the power of 'the prayers of a just man', our own Good St. Anthony. Have a story of your own to share with our readers? Email us your story to be posted on our blog~

Monday, January 26, 2015

St. Anthony's Sermons - The Ark Which Thou Hast Sanctified

St. Anthony explains the text in Psalm 131: 8, "Arise, O Lord into Thy resting place: Thou and the Ark, which Thou hast sanctified. " St. Anthony says that the first part of this verse refers to Christ's Resurrection and Ascension, the second part to the "Ark which Thou hast sanctified," i.e. to Christ's Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary, whom He took up to Himself into Heaven.
Continuing with the thought of the "ark which the Lord had sanctified", St. Anthony compares the Virgin Mary with the ark of Noah which after the flood finally rested on Mt. Ararat in the mountains, because in her Assumption she "was placed above the choirs of Angels."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

XXIV World Day Of Prayer For The Sick

XXIV World Day of Prayer for the Sick - February 11th 2015 - “I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame.” Job 29:15
Every year, on February 11th. the Church celebrates the World Day of the Sick. Around the Tomb of Saint Anthony in his Basilica in Padua, countless signs and testimonies of healings and graces take place. For all of his life, Saint Anthony held a special place in his heart for the sick and suffering, showing them particular compassion and mercy. Everywhere in the world people who are sick or suffering look to the ‘Saint of Miracles’ with confidence, and ask for the gift of bodily and spiritual health. Do you know someone who is sick or suffering? Would you like the friars of Saint Anthony’s Basilica, to pray for them? Let them include you and your loved ones in their prayers in a special Mass at 8:15 am at the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua on Wednesday February 11th, 2015.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Watch A Free Movie of St. Anthony of Padua (1931)

We hope you enjoy this beautiful little film from the silent movie era, with subtitles in English and Italian~

Friday, January 2, 2015

Prayer To St. Anthony For Poor Children

For the Christmas season, when we thank Our Lord Jesus for coming to us as a Child, a prayer for all of His little ones:

Saint Anthony, your love for the Infant Jesus made Him present to you to see and hold in your arms. Help us to see and love Our Lord Jesus Christ in all the poor and suffering of the world. Move us to cloth, feed and help Jesus, in all unwanted, abused and abandoned children and people. Lead us, for the sake of Jesus, who became a child like one of us, to reverence and protect all human life from its very beginning to its natural end. Amen.