Monday, November 27, 2017

My IPhone Has Been Found

I just came from morning Mass and boarded the bus to go to work. Upon reaching downtown, I got off the bus and reached for my phone in my purse to check what time the next bus is arriving. I realized, I didn’t have my phone inside my purse. I thoroughly searched for it but it was gone. While I was on board the next bus to work, I remembered Saint Anthony and I prayed and sought his help so my phone will be found. When I got to work, I remembered to check my IPad and click on the “Find my IPhone” app. I got an email shortly that my IPhone has been found. The app indicated the exact spot where my phone was located. After about close to two hours after it got lost, I finally had my phone back! It turned out, I did not notice it fell down when I ran to cross the street to catch the bus! Now here’s the amazing part of the story! My phone fell down in a very visible part of the road. It makes me wonder why nobody ever spotted it while it was laying there on that side of the road where it fell off. I’m sure it was through Saint Anthony’s intercession that I found my phone!

Thank you E.G.M. for your wonderful story of St. Anthony's help in finding your lost phone. Have a St. Anthony lost & found story of your own to share? Email it to us to share with others~

Friday, November 17, 2017

St. Anthony's Email Bag - He's Not Too Big To Answer Little Prayers #1

We at Saint Anthony Lost & Found receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

Yesterday I lost a beloved St Michael medal, I was almost sick over it, I did not sleep well. This morning I prayed a serious heartfelt prayer to St. Anthony to help me find it. I found the medal in the yard within 5 minutes. I was astounded but overwhelmed with gratitude. In my prayer I said if it God's will that I not have this medal I will understand and I will not lose faith. Thanks be to God and to St. Anthony. ~M.L.

Thanks to St. Anthony I found my jewelry case with all my jewelry. I trust in Jesus. I opened the safe and it was not there. Opened my top drawer where I see it sometimes. It wasn't there. I started to panic. Looked again in safe and every drawer in my bedroom. Prayed to St. Anthony and went to bed. This morning I looked in the drawers again. Still no jewelry. Looked again in the safe, there it was. Thanks be to God. ~S.P.

I wish to thank St Anthony for helping me to recover my umbrella which was left in a bank when l went there to get my pension I realize it only after a few days & went back to the bank only after a week so it was truly answered prayer. Thank you for your website which makes it possible for me to show my
gratitude to such a wonderful saint. ~R.L.

I have looked for a pair of shoes for my child for about 3 months. Today i cleaned and looked again but still couldn't find them. I prayed to St. Anthony "Tony Tony, look around, shoes are lost and must be found". Repeated this a couple of times. Then I forgot about it. Just when we were having dinner, my son, the owner of the shoes came holding the pair of shoes. Thank you greatly St. Anthony. ~J.M.

Glory be to God!!Thank you so much so much Saint Anthony for all the answered prayers and for the 3 new jobs!! My heart is full of joy!!! ~A.E.

Hi. St. Anthony has always helped me in many ways. He has helped me find employment after years of being unemployed due to depression and anxiety. And when I was made redundant from that job he found me another great job which I am currently in. I truly believe in the miracles that St. Anthony works. I have been hopeless and he's given me hope many times. I believe he can help with so many situations. ~E.F.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, please remember to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

They Said Pray To Saint Anthony

I have been so stressed out for 3 days looking for my car keys, worried that I threw them out in the garbage. I told my neighbors 3 days ago and they asked me this morning, did you find your keys? I said no, but I'm going to check for the 21st. time :).. they said pray to Saint Anthony. I got on my knees prayed and went straight to my room... started on one corner and decided to go straight to the drawer that I already went through of my clothes, and took each item out. Little to behold I prayed and kept focus on my keys and there it was, my car keys :) I yelled Saint Anthony:.. and started to cry... said the thank you prayer, and I am going to look for a shrine of him to go give a prayer in NJ .. that's my next goal. But wanted to share this story...

Thank you A.A. for your great story of St. Anthony's help in finding your much needed keys. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will share it on our blog~

Friday, November 3, 2017

November 2017 St. Anthony’s Relics Visit Canada

The Franciscan Friars of Saint Anthony's Basilica in Padua, Italy, will be bringing two precious relics to Ottawa, Canada, from Saturday, November 11th. to Sunday, November 19th. The first reliquary contains fragments of St Anthony’s skin and will be fixed on a golden statue of the Saint, which the devotees will actually be able to touch. The second relic, a fragment of St. Anthony's floating rib, was the one venerated by Sister Lucy, one of the three Seers of Fatima. The reliquary, therefore, has special meaning this year as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. Click here for the Eucharistic and Veneration Services program.

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