Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today I Believe Even More

I went to a wedding last Summer and I was wearing my mother's engagement ring. She gave it to me as a gift because I used to beg her to give it to me when I was very young.. I used to play with it... And she told me when you are older... It is yours!!! So she kept her word. So you can imagine how precious it is for money can buy such valuable ring!
After the wedding I removed my jewelry and went to sleep. I was a little bit tipsy since it was a family wedding but I remember very clearly that I had put the ring, my bracelet and the earrings on the highest shelf of the wall unit. The next morning I went to put the jewellery back in my jewellery box.... But the ring was missing!!! I couldn't find my ring... I searched everywhere... Cleaned the whole house. I asked people who were at the wedding so maybe someone had found it. I was sad... I cried and cried .. I couldn't believe that I actually lost this sentimental ring!!!!
I prayed and prayed to St. Anthony ... I even bought a statue of him.. I have always been devoted to him since I am a Catholic... I prayed for hours, months and months but he wasn't even hearing me or so I thought. I went to Lourdes with my family and I prayed my heart out to Our Lady and also to St. Anthony God, to every saint.... I cried while praying and I was losing all hope...
Today (after several months with no luck I made up my mind that the ring was lost somewhere outside) I was looking for some batteries and I thought to look in an old nappy changer full of stuff ... After a few minutes...I saw it!!!! Oh was my mother's ring!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes...I couldn't believe how it got there....!!! So weird!!!! Who put the ring there??? The nappy changer full of junk stuff.... Nobody used it anymore....But, then it clicked!!! Of it makes sense... It was St. Anthony of Padua... He hasn't forgotten me... He found my lost ring and put it there!!!! Maybe I didn't listen to him. I was so busy getting angry with him for not helping me out!!! ( I am sooo sorrrry :( ) I believe in miracles and today I believe even more.... Thank you St. surely work wonders!!! I love you my friend and sorry if I ever doubted you!!!! Xxxx Keep on watching over me and my family xxxx. Thank you dear God Almighty, Jesus, and Mother Mary xxxx

Thank you M.E. for your wonderful story of St. Anthony's help in your life. Have a St. Anthony story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog, so others can be inspired to ask for St. Anthony's help in their lives too~