Sunday, February 23, 2014

We All Gave Thanks To God

Here is another great story of St. Anthony's help from - Catholicism

I was a senior in high school, and it was homecoming week, and the seniors play the juniors in football on the beach every year. It was getting dark on the beach, and we were all about to leave; one of my friends started to run through the sand toward his truck. His class ring flew off of his finger. He didn't notice right away but knew he had it shortly before. He came running back yelling that his dad was going freak if he did not find that ring. (His dad spent a lot of money on the ring, and my friend was starting to get really upset.) I started to pray the St. Anthony prayer, and others started to repeat after me as we searched down the beach. After about five minutes of praying, I felt something slip on my finger. I pulled my hand out of the sand, and sure enough it was his ring!!! We all gave thanks to God. After this night I was constantly asked what that prayer was. SO AMAZING!!!
St. Anthony still listens and helps today. It is unbelievable how connected we are to the saints. I still use St. Anthony today, whether it be to find my shoes in the morning or my keys before I go somewhere. I pray, "St. Anthony, St. Anthony please look around, my [whatever you lost] is missing and cannot be found."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Images Of St. Anthony - Church Window And Statue From Santa Clara, CA

Here are a couple pictures I took at a church I went to daily Mass at recently, Five Wounds Parish Church in Santa Clara, CA.

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