Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saint Anthony's Relics To Visit New York Dec. 7-15th., 2013

After the astounding success of the visits of Saint Anthony's Relics to the New York tri-state area in February, California in April and Chicago, Australia and Canada in June, Ireland and U.K. in October and November, there are more visits planned for New York. From December 7th. to 15th., 2013, two precious relics from Saint Anthony's Basilica in Padua will be returning. The Eucharistic and Veneration Services will be celebrated as follows in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I've Been Without A Job

Here is a recent email from one of our blog readers I.N. who just found a job after a long search, thanks to the intersession of Good St. Anthony:

I've been without a job for a year and a half with no luck. Just 4 days a go, I started to pray for St. Anthony to help me find a job soon, because of the stress and financial issues I was going through. Today, which is the forth day of my prayer to him, I was getting something at a store and suddenly I asked a nice lady, "are you hiring?" After talking to her, she asked me to come back for an interview and hired me on the spot. I knew St. Anthony helped, because usually you have to apply on-line, and they don't hire right away without checking references, at least for this kind of job. And also I'd like to add that the nice lady even said that she doesn't usually hire people that don't have experience which I didn't.....Saint Anthony prayed with me and for me.
Thank you God, Mary and all the Saints, especially St. Anthony, for hearing my prayer. Prayers are the most powerful tool us humans have....just believe in God. God bless us all. Amen.

Click here for a Prayer To St. Anthony To Find Employment. Have an experience of St. Anthony's help in your life to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog to inspire others to trust in St. Anthony's intercession~

Sunday, November 17, 2013

S.A.G. - Saint Anthony Guide

The origin of the initials 'S.A.G.' and why traditionally Catholics have in years past often marked it on envelopes is this:
The initials S.A.G. stand for "Saint Anthony Guide". This prayer dates to an incident in July, 1729, in Spain. A merchant's wife, in need of support from her husband on business in Peru, placed a letter to him in the sleeve of St. Anthony's statue in her parish church, trusting he would somehow deliver it. Returning to the statue the next day, she found not her own letter but one from her husband, Don Antonio. Lodged in the sleeve was a heavy pouch containing 300 pesos, also sent by him. The merchant advised his wife that a letter from her had been delivered "by a friar of the Order of St. Francis." Don Antonio was sending his reply through the same friar. To this day, the merchant's letter is preserved in the Franciscan Monastery in Oviedo.

This story led to the custom of placing 'S.A.G.' on mail and praying that St. Anthony give it safe passage. The practice became popular, whereby people placed mail under the protection of St. Anthony, trusting it would get safely to it's proper destination. By asking St. Anthony to direct a letter or even obtain for it a good reception, we practice the virtue of Faith and the virtue of Religion. May 'S.A.G.' be not only a three letter prayer on the envelopes we address, but also one of our habitual prayers in moments of doubt, temptation, perplexity, or any other need.

Here is a picture of "S.A.G" on a package I recently received.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lost Keys Found In A Miraculous Way

I had gotten down from a bus and in a short distance walking removed my wallet from my purse for some purpose. After that I came to a bus stop to board another bus. At this moment I checked for my keys, they were not there and neither was my Rosary. I prayed to St. Anthony for help. I went back to the previous place where I removed my wallet, there I found my Rosary but not my keys. I thought, my keys, I will never find them... then I looked for the bus which I had traveled on and went to the seat I had sat in, but could not find anything. I was about to leave, when I felt an urge to sit on the seat. I sat, just bent to the right side, and there were my keys stuck between seat edges. Thank you St. Anthony. I got both keys and Rosary.

Thank you blog reader R.D. for your story of following Saint Anthony's inspiration after praying for his help. Click here for a post on How To Find Something By Praying To St. Anthony. Have a St. Anthony story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~