Thursday, October 27, 2016

All Souls' Day Mass At Basilica Of St. Anthony In Italy, 2016

On November 2nd.  there will be a Holy Mass at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy, for all of St. Anthony's devotees who are no longer with us. The Franciscan Friars will be praying for them, but also for those who grieve them. If you wish your dear departed to be remembered during the Holy Mass, please click here to write down their names. You may also send your prayer for them and ask for a candle to be lit in their memory. On November 2nd. at 8:15 am CET watch the Mass live stream from Saint Anthony’s Basilica in Padua, Italy. Fr. Giancarlo Zamengo, OFM Conv. shall invoke upon them and upon you our Lord’s blessing.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Prayer Is Answered

On Friday after my training at school I came back to my dormitory to have a shower. After I had my shower I realized that all my clothes were on the line on the roof, so I took the elevator to go up and pick up my clothes and come back. That's the last time I remember using my key card. On the next day I searched my whole room until midnight, but I found nothing. I was worried and so I decided to have a rest. When I finished my bedtime prayer, I realized that Saint Anthony of Padua has a prayer request for lost articles, so I searched on Google and managed to find it. I sat up again and prayed the prayer. In the morning when I got myself ready for Sunday Mass, I went to my wardrobe to change - that's the first thing I saw when I picked my belt. To my surprised the key card fell off - I was so happy and surprised. Immediately I said the words thank God and thought to myself, my prayer is answered. ~Regards, MDH