Thursday, April 25, 2013

St. Anthony Quote - If You Want To See The Face Of Christ

"The Lord manifests Himself to those who stop for some time in peace and humility of heart. If you look in murky and turbulent waters, you cannot see the reflection of your face. If you want to see the face of Christ, stop and collect your thoughts in silence, and close the door of your soul to the noise of external things."
~St. Anthony of Padua

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Things Don't Change With Time

As a strong Christian believer (and the closer that I get to the gate, the more I believe), I prayed for a favor this weekend. I had serviced a party for someone at their home. Needless to say, 80 people were there and the crowd, especially the children, where everywhere. My client needed 3 or 4 staff but only hired me, so I really didn't get much time to see anything at all.

Anyway, being the only stranger in the home, and the only hired help, I felt awful when the owner nicely asked me if I happened to see her camera before the breakfast buffet began. I hadn't seen anything I told her, I was just trampled by 80 people and couldn't identify anything at all. The following day she called me to say thanks for the great job I did (it turned out to be a triple amount of people) and how well I handled it. Could I possibly have seen that camera was the same question again. I felt awful, I was a little disturbed that she mentioned it to me again, but I told her that it would show up. Too many people have the same camera, probably an error and too much mess. I said I would pray to St. Anthony on it. I told her who St. Anthony was, but she thanked me and hung up. As I lay in bed today, thinking and praying that it would surface, she sent me a text. The camera showed up in the cellar of her gigantic home, the place that harbored those 50 kids after they ate. I was so relieved! Thank you St. Anthony, some things don't change with are still #1!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Anthony Found My Brother A Job

We just received this encouraging email from one of our readers - thank you S.A. for sharing your story of prayers for employment answered through the intersession of Good Saint Anthony~

I have been praying to Saint Anthony to find my brother a job. He has been out of a job for months and his situation was becoming desperate. He has 2 young children and there was not enough money coming in. I have been praying to Saint Anthony and requesting prayers on his behalf on this blog. Today, my prayers were answered. St. Anthony found my brother a job. Words can not express my relief and gratitude. St. Anthony never let's me down.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Was Truly A Miracle To Me

I’ve had several things St. Anthony has found for me over the years, but the most recent one was last week. I’m a musician, and about 18 years ago, I had a pair of hypo-allergenic musician’s earplugs made for me. I’ve used them “religiously” over the past 18 years while performing in jazz bands and other groups. I was starting to have a problem with ringing in my ears years ago, when I had these earplugs made. I have never lost them, and have been EXTREMELY careful to always keep them in the same place so that I don’t lose them and can always find them.

Well, a few months ago, after using them at Pipe Band practice, I thought I had put them away in my usual place in my purse, but when I went to look for them a few days later, they were nowhere to be found. I searched my purse over and over again, looked in my cars in case they had fallen out, checked all my clothing in case I had put them in a pocket, called the Lost & Found at the church we practiced at, and still no earplugs…. They are not easy to replace, and I’ve been very distraught over losing them. I have a skin allergy to the over the counter type plugs that you can get, plus they don’t work as well. I didn’t know what to do, so I called on St. Anthony more than once over the past few months to try and help.

I had pretty much given up, then one week ago at Jazz Band practice (I play in a community group), I set my purse down next to my case while I put my instrument together, and staring straight at me were my earplugs in their normal red case! There was a small zipper compartment on the lower inside of the purse that was open, and the earplugs were in that compartment and had “floated” to the top where I could see them with my purse open. It was truly a miracle to me, as I’m sure I looked in EVERY compartment in my purse, more than once. Thank you, St. Anthony!

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