Sunday, June 22, 2014

And Then I Remembered St. Anthony

I arrived home from work and running errands one evening to realize that I did not have my laptop. I thought I had left it behind in one of all the public places I had been in. I couldn't sleep that night. A few hours later I also remembered that I had been carrying my personal documents with me to show to our Human Relations department. I hurried to get them out of my bag so as not to misplace them. Nothing. The bag was empty.

How could I have lost them?! Now two things were missing and I didn't know what to do. I replayed the whole day in my head that night trying to remember, but I was unsuccessful. The next day, I went back to work and thankfully my laptop had been in my office. But my documents were nowhere to be found. I traced my steps, called every single place I had been in the previous day. My co-workers and family helped me look around. No one had seen anything. I was so worried that my documents had fallen into the wrong hands.

That weekend, I was so depressed. And then I remembered St. Anthony and found this blog. I prayed to him, prayed to God and had some friends helped me pray. I prayed the novena, hoping that St. Anthony would produce it on the ninth day. This was my first time praying to him, so I lacked hope. Somehow, on the ninth day, today, I found the documents in my closet. I don't understand how--I had looked in there 10 times already!--but I was holding them and I couldn't believe it. I thanked St. Anthony and promised God that I will go and visit him on Sunday. I feel blessed. Thank you, -M.A.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

St. Anthony - The Eldest Son Of St. Francis

In 1221 St. Francis held a general chapter at Assisi; when the others dispersed, there lingered behind, unknown and neglected, a poor Portuguese friar, resolved to ask for and to refuse nothing. Nine months later, Fr. Anthony rose under obedience to preach to the religious assembled at Forli, when, as the discourse proceeded, “the Hammer of Heretics,” “the Ark of the Testament,” “the eldest son of St. Francis,” stood revealed in all his sanctity, learning, and eloquence before his rapt and astonished brethren.
Devoted from earliest youth to prayer and study among the Canons Regular, Ferdinand de Bulloens, as his name was in the world, had been stirred, by the spirit and example of the first five Franciscan martyrs, to put on their habit and preach the Faith to the Moors in Africa. Denied a martyr’s palm, and enfeebled by sickness, at the age of twenty-seven he was taking silent but merciless revenge upon himself in the humblest offices of his community. From this obscurity he was now called forth, and for nine years France, Italy, and Sicily heard his voice, saw his miracles, and men’s hearts turned to God.
One night, when St. Antony was staying with a friend in the city of Padua, his host saw brilliant rays streaming under the door of the Saint’s room, and on looking through the keyhole he beheld a little Child of marvelous beauty standing upon a book which lay open upon the table, and clinging with both arms round Anthony’s neck. With an ineffable sweetness he watched the tender caresses of the Saint and his wondrous Visitor. At last the Child vanished, and Fr. Anthony, opening the door, charged his friend, by the love of Him Whom he had seen, to “tell the vision to no man” as long as he was alive.
Suddenly, in 1231, our Saint’s brief apostolate was closed, and the voices of children were heard crying along the streets of Padua, “Our father, St. Anthony, is dead.” The following year, the church bells of Lisbon rang without ringers, while at Rome one of it's sons was inscribed among the Saints of God.

Reflection — Let us love to pray and labor unseen, and cherish in the secret of our hearts the graces of God and the growth of our immortal souls. Like St. Antony, let us attend to this, and leave the rest to God.

To our readers - May you be blessed on this Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Padua~

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Could She Ask Her Friend St. Anthony?

My son mysteriously lost his IDs and about $270 in cash while studying in Germany. He was on his way back from getting cash at the bank, no one was near him, and other items were still in his pocket when he returned, but his little case with the cards and money and bus pass were gone. I canceled his debit card and wired him some money, as his school group was leaving soon for a 5-day trip to Austria. It was the weekend, so he'd have to wait until Tuesday to procure an international student ID and pick up the money before leaving Wednesday afternoon.
His sister, who was away doing research in Hawaii, had chosen St. Anthony as her Confirmation saint years ago. She phoned me Monday evening, and I told her that her brother had lost these important items, and could she ask her friend St. Anthony to pray that they might be miraculously found? She assured me she would, and hung up. Wednesday morning I received a message from my son: "The police found my wallet, I'm on my way to pick it up." Everything, including all of the cash, was still in it! Praise be to God and thanks to St. Anthony who so quickly came to the aid of his little friend when she asked!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saint Anthony Quote - The Saints Are Like The Stars

"The saints are like the stars, who, in His providence, Christ hides under a seal, lest they appear whenever they wish. Instead, they are always ready to disembark from the quiet of contemplation into the works of mercy at the time decided upon by God, whenever their heart should hear the word of command."

-St. Anthony of Padua, Sermon for the Fifth Sunday after Easter (Part III: De Christi omnium scientia, par. 10)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thank You St. Anthony Blog Readers

As we approach the 3rd. anniversary of our blogs first post, we thank our blog readers for giving over 100,000 hits to our blog to date. As time goes on, we continue to experience more and more interest in the prayers, novenas, and stories that our blog provides. Thank you Lord, may You be glorified, thank you St. Anthony, may you be asked for more prayers~~