Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Unexplainable

My sister gave me a St. Benedict bracelet after one of her daughter's (my niece) joined the Benedictines of Mary convent. I lost the bracelet at least over a year ago, I can't even remember now how long ago I lost it. I had prayed to St. Anthony and looked everywhere for it for several weeks, and eventually forgot all about it. Today I took out the garbage from the kitchen and set the bag outside the door, did a few more things in the house then went out to take the garbage bag to the dumpster, but our dog had gotten into it and scattered the garbage - I was not very happy as I began to pick up the garbage. I was picking up the gross, yucky contents of the garbage when I saw my St. Benedict bracelet in amongst the used, soggy coffee grounds! St. Anthony found it! I could not believe my eyes! I still can't. There is no rhyme or reason, it's unexplainable. Definitely the work of a higher power. It was a nice reminder of love and the power of prayer. Thank you dear St. Anthony!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

He Is Always Listening

Yesterday, St. Anthony helped me find my lost passport and I promised myself that I would find a website where I could testify to how often St. Anthony has helped me find lost objects. How strange to find another recent story of a lost passport!
I had literally turned my office upside down looking for my mislaid passport, even to the point of having my son move heavy furniture away from the wall. I was frustrated and embarrassed because I rarely forget where I put things. Then I remembered St. Anthony and I sincerely prayed for help. A few minutes later, I looked in the same area I had searched before and with a sense of awe, saw my passport.
I have lots of examples of this. I misplaced my glasses in our “attic” storeroom year ago, and you can imagine how hard it is to find something lost in a room like that. I prayed to St. Anthony and went to the storeroom and immediately “knew” that my glasses had fallen out of sight behind a bookcase. I even have terribly trivial examples. My dog had lost his favorite ball. It’s silly but you’d think a dog could find it by scent. I prayed to St. Anthony and felt as if someone was moving my eyeballs to exactly the spot where the ball was hiding.
I know that God answers prayers, but sometimes I feel silly asking God for little things. And why this prayer in particular seems to work so infallibly and quickly is hard for me to understand. But I cannot deny that my little prayers to the Saint have been answered. And it has helped my faith in God, to know that He is always listening.
I believe our prayers to St. Anthony are blessed because God is the God of sparrows and tiny things and those kinds of prayers are truly humble prayers.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

I Was In Great Distress

I was in great distress to awake Saturday morning in my trailer while out camping with my family, when I could not find my wedding ring!! My husband and I having been married in a Catholic Church 20 years ago, and follow the faith through prayer and attending church on a regular basis with our sons, I was distraught in my spirit for the symbolism of our union was gone!! I looked high and low in the trailer where I was convinced I had last recalled wearing it. I went so far as to question whether it had been stolen by a guest the evening prior, as I last recalled placing it on the kitchen table to do the supper dishes. Of course I did not want to jump to conclusions, and so resorted to praying to St. Anthony in my despair. Not more than five minutes after I prayed, my husband came out of the trailer with my wedding ring and said, "will you marry me again?" I was stunned to learn that my 14 year old son found my ring above my bed, where I had already checked countless times!!! He said, "I told you I would find it for you mom." Amen to St. Anthony and my son!

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