Friday, September 29, 2017

St. Anthony’s Relics October 2017 Visit To Boston

Two relics of Saint Anthony from the Basilica in Padua will be brought to the Boston area by Fr. Mario Conte from Friday, Oct. 6th. to Sunday, October 15th.
One of the reliquaries contains the Saint’s ‘floating rib’, and was venerated by Sister Lucia, one of the three seers of Fatima, when it was taken to her convent in January 1995. The reliquary, therefore, has special meaning this year as we celebrate the centenary of the Fatima apparitions. Click here to download the program with the places and dates during the visit.
Please contact Tom Muscatello at (phone: (914)263-8841) for more information.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ygnacia's Own Stories - He's Not Too Big To Help

In the past few of weeks I have experienced a couple of my own St. Anthony stories that I would like to share with you readers.
The first one involved my husband - I was gone part of the day, and when I came home in the evening I found my husband frantically searching our home for a lost key. He said that he had been searching for over two hours and that it was the only key to one of his tractors. He had already gone through all of the drawers in the house, the washroom, all of his pants, etc. He asked for my help so I looked where he asked me to, but with no luck. It was late so he headed off to bed, anxious and upset over his loss. I decided to go into my washroom, and while there I said the Saint Anthony prayer. I looked up after my prayer, and there was a large key on top of a statue box I have that holds the image of Our Lady. I brought it in to him and sure enough, it was the tractor key. He was astounded. I told him that he owed a prayer of thanks to St. Anthony, and he replied that maybe there is something to this St. Anthony business after all. I have since put a medal of St. Anthony on the tractor key ring as a reminder.
My second story happened just last week. On the spur of the moment I went into a store to pick up a couple of things I needed. While I was walking in I noticed a bagger outside looking around on the ground. She greeted me kindly, and mentioned that she had lost an earring somewhere around there the day before. I looked around a little too, then she moved on and I did too to start shopping. I said a quick prayer to Saint Anthony as I moved away, and not a second later I heard her exclaim. She walked over with the now found earring in her hand to show to me. I took that opportunity to let her know that I was a Catholic, and that we ask our friends the Saints to help us with their prayers, just like we ask our friends here on earth to pray for things for us too. I told her that St. Anthony was the patron saint of lost things, and so I had said a prayer to him to help her just before she found her earring. She gave me a hug, and went back to work. I heard her tell a customer a few minutes later, when she asked how she was today, that she was blessed.
Blessed indeed, we all are, to have Saint Anthony ready and waiting to help with his intersession whenever we ask. Though one of the greatest and most famous Saints of the Church, he's not to big to help, no matter how small the task. Ask him today to intercede for you with whatever losses you may have~

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Instant I Opened My Eyes

I was 7 years old and I had lost some photos that were really important to me at the time. I had put them in a special spot and looked for hours for them. Finally I prayed to Saint Anthony for help and went to bed. When I woke in the morning the instant I opened my eyes there was a spark in them then I remembered, I put them behind the curtains next to my bed. I was exciting to find them but also my faith was increased. This has happened often in my life. Praise God!

Thank you P.N. for your story of continuing faith in the intersession of Good St. Anthony in your life. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog~

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Phone Plays A Pretty Big Role

I'm a teenager in high school, and my phone plays a pretty big role in my life. I had just gotten home from dance a couple hours ago when I realized I hadn't had my phone. I knew I brought it in, so I tore up my room in hope of finding it. I didn't, so I asked my siblings and mom if they had taken it. They hadn't. After looking for it longer I became frustrated. I had moved everything from my floor, shaken clothes and all my blankets, checked my desk and the kitchen, I even pat myself down to make sure it wasn't on me. I just still couldn't find it. I knew my mom had told me about St. Anthony and how he helped her, so I decided to look up the prayer. Being a teenager who mad so many mistakes and sinned so often I didn't know if St. Anthony would think I deserved my phone. I still said the prayer and searched my house. I finally got in pajamas and gave up. I slid into bed and hit something hard at the top of my blanket. It had been my phone loosely wrapped in the top of my blanket. I was amazed because I had shaken that blanket twice and threw it around, but I didn't see it there until after I prayed to St. Anthony.
My mom also had an amazing experience. She was heading to confession one day. After confessing her sins she went back to her car only to find her keys missing. She walked through a huge field to get to the confessional so she searched and ended up going back to the priest. He hadn't seen her keys and they weren't in the confessional. He told her to say the prayer to St. Anthony and right when she walked out she saw her keys lying in the field.
I'm unbelievably thankful for these miracles and I will definitely have more faith. I will also try to pray to St. Anthony for my sister and dad. ~J.A.

Thank you J.A. for your wonderful stories. There was once a great running back in football, named Gayle Sayers. He was...well, brilliant. He only played a few years and then retired but even with that, he was taken into the Hall of Fame. He was known as "Sweetness," because his moves were so fluid, so precise, so untouchable. But that is kind of how Anthony is--sweet moves, precise, untouchable. Have any sweet stories of you own to share on the blog? Email them to us and we will post them~