Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today I Believe Even More

I went to a wedding last Summer and I was wearing my mother's engagement ring. She gave it to me as a gift because I used to beg her to give it to me when I was very young.. I used to play with it... And she told me when you are older... It is yours!!! So she kept her word. So you can imagine how precious it is for money can buy such valuable ring!
After the wedding I removed my jewelry and went to sleep. I was a little bit tipsy since it was a family wedding but I remember very clearly that I had put the ring, my bracelet and the earrings on the highest shelf of the wall unit. The next morning I went to put the jewellery back in my jewellery box.... But the ring was missing!!! I couldn't find my ring... I searched everywhere... Cleaned the whole house. I asked people who were at the wedding so maybe someone had found it. I was sad... I cried and cried .. I couldn't believe that I actually lost this sentimental ring!!!!
I prayed and prayed to St. Anthony ... I even bought a statue of him.. I have always been devoted to him since I am a Catholic... I prayed for hours, months and months but he wasn't even hearing me or so I thought. I went to Lourdes with my family and I prayed my heart out to Our Lady and also to St. Anthony God, to every saint.... I cried while praying and I was losing all hope...
Today (after several months with no luck I made up my mind that the ring was lost somewhere outside) I was looking for some batteries and I thought to look in an old nappy changer full of stuff ... After a few minutes...I saw it!!!! Oh was my mother's ring!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes...I couldn't believe how it got there....!!! So weird!!!! Who put the ring there??? The nappy changer full of junk stuff.... Nobody used it anymore....But, then it clicked!!! Of it makes sense... It was St. Anthony of Padua... He hasn't forgotten me... He found my lost ring and put it there!!!! Maybe I didn't listen to him. I was so busy getting angry with him for not helping me out!!! ( I am sooo sorrrry :( ) I believe in miracles and today I believe even more.... Thank you St. surely work wonders!!! I love you my friend and sorry if I ever doubted you!!!! Xxxx Keep on watching over me and my family xxxx. Thank you dear God Almighty, Jesus, and Mother Mary xxxx

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It Was Saint Anthony Who Led Them

In the 1990's, my husband and I lived in San Francisco, California, in Saint Anthony's Parish. Every year on Saint Anthony's feast on June 13 (or the Sunday closest to it), the church and school grounds burst in celebration. The day started with the tri-lingual (English, Spanish and Filipino) Mass at
mid-morning, followed by a solemn procession around the block, then an outdoor pot-luck party with music and dances by the multicultural community that comprised the parish. Latinos and Filipinos in their colorful costumes provided contrast to the dark brown habits of Franciscan Friars who administered the parish.
One time our daughter, her husband and baby who lived in another city came to our parish celebration. They appeared distraught at first, saying they had to take the bus because someone stole their car during the night. We persuaded them to stay for the Mass, procession and party and maybe they'd feel better afterwards. They did.
During the procession, my son-in-law volunteered to help carry the platform on which stood the statue of Saint Anthony. The processional statue of the saint shows him with fire from an open book in his hands instead of the Holy Child. It is not as much a favorite of parishioners as the one inside the church with Baby Jesus in his arms. Nevertheless the ladies have decorated the platform lavishly with different colored day lilies. Our daughter and son-in-law looked like they really enjoyed the party, showing off their baby boy to neighbors and friends. After the party, they rode the bus back to go home.
Later that afternoon our daughter called excitedly to tell us they have found their missing car. She said they were still on the bus when my son-in-law happened to look out the window and saw the car crookedly parked in an empty lot. He was quite sure it was their car. They got off the bus and walked to it. The door was unlocked, there were minor scratches on the dashboard and a nicked keyhole, some small objects, pillows and toys missing, but otherwise the car was intact. No one was around to see them take their car back, so they drove it home.
What was amazing to me was, I didn't think my daughter or her husband even thought of praying to Saint Anthony for help in retrieving their missing vehicle. Well, maybe they - or one of them - did. Yet they were quite certain it was Saint Anthony who led them to their missing vehicle. Perhaps just participating in his feast day celebration was enough for the good and gentle saint to lend a hand.
Thank you, Saint Anthony. Your favors are always appreciated. Pray for us to God, dear Saint and Doctor of the Church.

Thank you M.P. for your beautiful story of how St. Anthony assists us even when we don't ask him outright - he still is always willing to help.

Friday, April 14, 2017

I Could Have Lost It Anywhere

I had lost something very dear to me. It was an earring that I had gotten from my husband for our anniversary. I looked everywhere for it, but I could not find it. I prayed to Saint Anthony everyday for the past week. I finally got a chance to look in my car today (we had a very bad snowstorm right after I lost my earring.) I had only been searching a very short while and after I moved my car seat forward I found it! I could not believe it, I thought it was lost forever. I know St. Anthony helped me find it. To me this was truly miraculous, because I could have lost it anywhere. It's safely back with its mate. Thank you St. Anthony for answering my prayers! God Bless! Sincerely, C.W.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Prayed So Hard To Him

Many years ago, I was getting off from work. At the parking lot, since I had an armful of papers, I placed my handbag on the top of the car next to mine, opened my car door, placed the papers on the passenger's seat and drove off. I did not realize what I had done till I got home! I drove back immediately to the parking lot but the place was deserted. I went home depressed, thinking about the contents of the bag. I then was horrified that in it as well was expensive jewelry a friend had given to me for safekeeping. As soon as I got home,  I called another friend about what happened, who advised me to pray to Saint Anthony of Padua. I didn't know he was the Saint for lost things. I prayed so hard to him. Two hours later the phone rang and a stranger called that she found my bag on top of her car. The very next day, she brought it to my workplace. Everything was there including the jewelry! I was so thankful to Saint Anthony for having an honest woman find my handbag! To this day, I never forget and am still grateful to him.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

St. Anthony, I Gave Up Looking

Today, 6/3/17, as I was trying to construct my fencing, my drill broke. I decided to try and fix it. And so... as I was unfastening all the screws, I found that inside that drill there were two numbers of carbons among others. Each of which was held in its respective position by two individual springs. Accidentally one of the springs was disturbed by my movement. This caused the carbon to fly out of the drill. To cut the story short, I started looking for the carbon within the radius where I thought it would be. After about 10 minutes and still unable to find it, eventually I gave up, sat down when suddenly I thought of St. Anthony. I heard in the past that he is a great saint, particularly for lost things. So, I called upon his name saying, "St. Anthony, please look for my carbon, I could not find it. I promise you I'll spread your name if you find it." Then I resumed looking for approximately another 10 minutes, but to no avail. So, I stopped, I packed my broken drill and uttered, "St. Anthony, I gave up looking." I stood up, called it a day, and walked towards the door of my house. As I was walking, suddenly I saw the piece of carbon laying on the concrete pavement right in front of me. I was amazed. I picked it up and restarted my drill repair work. Thank you St Anthony.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

It Was My Personal Little Miracle

I recently lost one of a pair of earrings my husband purchased for me for our 19th. wedding anniversary.  I was extremely upset,  not so much because I lost the earring, but because of the sentimental value it held. I was taking a shower, when I felt something hit my leg, and rattle around in the tub. I was washing my face at the time, so I wasn't able to open my eyes immediately to find out what it was. After I got out of the shower and was drying off I saw my earring back laying on the floor, and I knew in an instantly what had hit my leg.  I was so sure that my earring had wash down the drain,  that crying,  I told my husband he needed to climb under our house to check if it was in the pee-trap.  He, very reluctantly did as I ask,  and advised that it wasn't in there.   We then spent the next two hours with the shop vacuum trying, unsuccessfully, to suck the earring back up the pipe.  
At some point I decided to check for a prayer for lost things.  I remembered the prayer from when I was a kid,  but couldn't remember all the words.  I prayed the prayer for lost things almost the whole time we tried to find the earring.  So finally around two in the morning I very reluctantly went to bed.  I continued to pray until I fell asleep. I continued to pray the prayer to St. Anthony for 2 days.  Then,  the morning of the 3rd. day after losing it, the earring was still on my mind,  but I had really given up on finding it.  I was still praying to find it,  but figured it was gone for good.  So,  I went to work and was doing my normal thing. 
I was headed to the copier and was looking down at the papers I was going to make copies of when something sparkly caught my eye.  I walked past it,  but decided to turn back to check what it was.  As soon as I picked it up,  I knew exactly what it was.  I was so excited about finding it that tears instantly filed my eyes.  I squeezed the earring tight in my fist, and headed back to my office.  I closed the door and hit my knees.  I said a prayer of thanksgiving not only to God,  but also to St. Anthony. 
I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how the earring I swear washed down the drain,  was now at my office.  It was dirty,  and the bar was bent (but nothing my jeweler can't fix), and was just laying in the middle of the walkway-which is carpet.  How did it get so dirty, and bent?  I have no doubt that what ever my earring had been through,  it was divine intervention that I was able to find it.  It was my personal little miracle, and the rest of the day I kept touching it,  and saying a prayer of thanksgiving.  I know the prayer worked, and as your website declared I found it in a spot that makes absolutely no sense.  Thank you for putting this prayer online, and thank you for listening to my story.  The Lord is Awesome,  and His Love for His children is everlasting. Thank you, A.T.

Thank you A.T. for your miraculous story of St. Anthony's intervention.  Do you or a loved one have a St. Anthony story to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~

Friday, March 3, 2017

I Sought The Prayer To St. Anthony

Glory be!  I lost my glasses several days ago and I cannot see without them - I'm very nearsighted.  I had to wear my old contacts but my eyes are very sensitive and I'm almost out of contact lenses, too, so I was going to have to buy new glasses!  But I said to myself, they could not have just vanished -- they have to be in the house and just got knocked off a table or something.  However, I had looked thoroughly in the only places I ever really take them off -- by and under the bed, around the couch, and in the bathroom.  I knew I had woke up and they just weren't there like they always are.  I searched and two people helped me search, and today I sought the prayer to Saint Anthony for help finding my missing item.  Then I asked my husband to bring home his really strong flashlight from work so I could do one more thorough search. After searching with the flashlight for about 3 minutes, I went again into the bedroom and looked under the bed and the dresser by the bed.  I had to shine my light straight down behind the very corner of the headboard by the dresser, and THERE THEY WERE.  I couldn't see them from any other angle.  I am so grateful and I really feel that St. Anthony showed me where to look !!  Praise God.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Coincidental? Absolutely Not!!

A few years ago I prayed to Saint Anthony to lead me to where my son lost his backpack in New York City...after praying faithfully his backpack was found a few days later, and surprisingly it had not been stolen!! It was the first time I had called upon St. Anthony and I wasn't sure if it was coincidental but I was thankful just the same!!! Just recently, I called upon St. Anthony again after I lost a sentimental piece of jewelry my husband bought me 30 years ago. I had been searching for it for weeks...I had taken the piece to a jeweler because I was going to have it repaired, and during all of the holiday hustle and bustle I had misplaced it and thought I had accidentally thrown it out or dropped it...I had searched and searched and was starting to give up hope... I said the prayer to St. Anthony and later that night I had a dream of the necklace being found...but it still hadn't turned up...A few days later...still searching the same places over and over again....on (1/7/16) I found a St. Anthony prayer card with a lovely medal. I held onto the medal and said the prayer and sat silently for a moment. He immediately showed me a sign which led me to where the jewelry might be...I looked in that place and there it was..... Coincidental? Absolutely NOT!! I am convinced Prayer and Faith WORK!! Thank you St. Anthony ❤️
Devoted Dee

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Friday, February 3, 2017

XXVI World Day of Prayer for the Sick

Every year, on February 11th. the Church celebrates the World Day of the Sick. Throughout his life, St. Anthony held a special place in his heart for the sick and suffering, showing them particular compassion and mercy, working wonders during his time on earth. Around the Tomb of Saint Anthony in his Basilica in Padua, countless signs and testimonies of healings and graces take place. Everywhere in the world people who are sick or suffering look to St. Anthony with confidence, and ask for the gift of bodily and spiritual health. Do you know someone who is sick or suffering? Let the Friars of Saint Anthony’s Basilica include you and your loved ones in their prayers at a special Mass at the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua on Saturday, February 11th, 2017. Click here to fill out the online form to be included in this special Mass. Click here to watch the World Day of the Sick livestream Mass at 8:15 am (CET)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

St. Anthony's Relics Visit The USA, Bangladesh And India

This month relics of Saint Anthony will be gracing various parts of the world. The ‘floating rib’ relic, the one that was venerated by Sister Lucia of Fatima, will be taken to Austin in Texas. There will also be other relics of St. Anthony taken to Bangladesh and then to India.The visits are taking place according to the following tentative schedule that may be subject to change. The Eucharistic and Veneration Services will be celebrated as follows:

click picture for larger size

Thursday, January 26, 2017

St. Anthony In The US: His Relics In Texas In February 2017

Fr. Mario Conte, executive editor of the Messenger of Saint Anthony magazine, will bring to Austin, Texas, from February 10th.-19th., the ‘floating rib’ relic of Saint Anthony, the one that was venerated by Sister Lucia of Fatima.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It Helped Me Find Something Bigger

I don't really have a specific story;  I am more non-denominational in faith. Somehow though, I always felt that Saint Anthony was a very real saint. This last story is just a little story. I work in the medical field, and although lately I am worried about many things happening with my children and at home, I find I am more scattered brained than normal. The result is I am worried about my job too. I have keys to my office assigned to me, they open the office and the medicine locks. If I had lost them, I might have put my job in grave danger. As a single mother this was a terrifying thought. I prayed to Saint Anthony and began to look. I have to laugh, because I did find what I what I was worried about, money (my job)  (3 separate times in my search) and keys (long ago lost house keys one of the children misplaced). I retraced my steps and found a $5.00 dollar bill just floating by out of no where when I left a store I was in to ask if they had seen my keys, and then a friend who owed my money I had forgotten about stopped by and paid me back, and then a long lost gift card found during the search.
After that I found the house keys and had to laugh, Saint Anthony, I prayed, let me be very specific, and I was. Soon after I felt drawn to a certain corner of the room I normally don't pay any attention to. I kept feeling attracted to it. They shouldn't have been there, and I don't know how they got there, or how I found them so quickly - but I am certainly relieved and sure my prayers were heard (plus a few more.)
I am grateful, and so grateful that I wanted the chance to share my story, even though it is very small and insignificant, it helped me find something bigger - my flagging faith. Sincerely, S.N.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Was Skeptical

I had lost keys they had everything on them: my car, the house, my dad's house, my beach hut, and most importantly a key ring picture of my daughter when she was very young. I searched the house with my husband for three days solid, pulling out areas that were just not a possibility of hiding the keys but we were so clueless as to where they were. A friend mentioned about the prayer to St. Anthony to ask for help. I was skeptical but thought it would do no harm. That evening before bed I prayed and asked for his help. The next morning I called my friend and told her I had not had any visits so to speak in the night to guide me, and to really mock her suggestion I said to her all I had dreamt of that night was a huge house full of beds and mattresses; we chuckled and the carried on with our day. 
I was still hunting for my keys that evening when I said to my husband, maybe they had fallen into one of the drawers in the bedroom if they were slightly open? 48 hours previously that was a silly idea, but we were so confused as to where they were we looked anywhere! He went to the bedroom and opened the drawers but found nothing. He then pulled a bag out from under our bed which contained my nightwear, only to see the keys sitting in the bag! I immediately called my friend, over the moon our keys had been found, and was taken aback by her response. She said, I told you St. Anthony would help you. I then remembered my dream the previous night; I had dreamt of beds. And where were my keys? Under my bed in a bag. Now I'm not a pushover with things, but that is just plain awesome don't you think!! Regards, M.B. 

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank You St. Anthony, Thank You

Thank you St. Anthony for your help and intervention in finding our collection of house keys and car key. We, that is my wife and I, have been searching for these keys since Christmas Eve 12/24/16 under beds, in cupboards, above the rafters, in shopping bags, sorting through the household scraps and rubbish as well as the recycling bin, around various gardens where I had trimmed and weeded, in the cars several times to no avail. They must be in my man shed. Spending a couple of days thoroughly searching every nook and cranny, shelves, cupboards, wire hooks and around the floor supports, the bundle of keys still did not appear. Well, then I turned to the church and asked some of the choir group had they found a bunch of keys, on Christmas Eve, which I may have left on the church floor; I even asked the Priest. All this was unsuccessful, so I approached the police station and left a description for the lost and found. The search continued on the small town's community web site for lost and found. No luck there either. Completely convinced that those keys would never be found I began securing the gates and doors with different locks. Only the 4wd car remained unsecured as it has remote central locking. Therefore all identification and the home address had to be removed in case a thief activated the remote control in a car park and stole the 4wd. They would have access to the home address and the contents of the house. Out of the blue my wife suggested I search St. Anthony's home page and read his prayer for help to find lost items which are of great need. So I did. I learnt the prayer off by heart and proceeded to say the prayer, think of the keys and revisit all the places I had searched thoroughly before. Well as I was looking carefully through the shopping bags on top of the portable fridge downstairs, I found the bunch of keys wedged low down between the protective cover of the camping fridge. My first thought was, "thank you St. Anthony, thank you, thank you, thank you." I wasn't interested in how they came to be there. We were most grateful they had been found. What a great way to start the new year 1/1/17.

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