Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Believe Deep In My Heart

St. Anthony is indeed a miraculous worker. I traveled to Holland with my family in the Summer, on my way back at the train station my daughter who was holding my handbag mistakenly left it at the station. When we realized what happened and went back to the place, the bag had disappeared. In the bag was my new iPad mini, house keys and some other things. A few days later I remembered St. Anthony was the patron of lost properties, so I prayed for days and handed everything over to him. To my greatest surprise a month later I got a call from a guy who claimed to be in possession of my bag with everything intact. I believe deep in my heart St. Anthony is a true Saint.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Of Course Prayer Works

Hello - I recently misplaced a small lockbox of gemstones, jewelry & precious metals that I had been carefully accumulating over 20 years. I thought it might be a good idea to keep some gold & silver in case my country’s economy collapsed, or we had a natural disaster, or needed emergency funds/valuables to barter in case we became refugees in our lifetime. My husband and I had been adding storage shelving in our basement of our home & in the moving of boxes and the Christmas holiday, my box was not in its usual hiding place! Of course, I tried not panic, and tried a methodical search in places where I thought it might be. After diligently searching for 3 hours, I burst into tears around midnight, and tried to sleep. I could not relax, so I went to my laptop & tried to distract my mind. I somehow found myself reading about prayers to find lost objects. I said the prayers and tried one more search. No luck. I went to sleep and tried to let it go for a night.
My husband came from from his night shift job and when I tearfully confessed, he said ‘I know it's in this house, I will find it.’ 10 minutes later, he came back upstairs with the lockbox in his hands! He said he found it in the new shelving unit, but in another storage tub that looked like the one I had used before.
Of course prayer works - just not in the way we expect it to! God bless.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Was A Gift From St. Anthony To You

A St. Anthony story from

I am writing about two of my co workers — one lost a set of keys and the other an i-pod. They both came to me at different times because they had heard that I knew a prayer that had worked before. I prayed to St. Anthony because I had lost items, said the prayer from the heart and not the mind, and it worked. The first one found his keys within 15 minutes, the second one got a call within 12 hours. When they came to me and told me the results I felt such a blessing that I wanted to cry but being that I was at work I kept my feelings to myself and told them, this was a gift from St. Anthony to you, now you give St. Anthony a gift and pass it on. And when it comes back full circle enjoy the blessing. It works if you work it from the heart and not the mind. Faith is the key.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

What A Great Saint We Have!

St. Anthony, I love you! What a great saint we have! I believe with all of my heart! Two years ago, at Christmas, I was wrapping presents when I noticed my diamond was missing from my engagement ring. I've been married for 33 years, and was devastated. I retraced my steps of that day, including calling the owner of the preschool where I work, to check the classroom, playground, parking lot, and even went through the vacuum cleaner bag there! I started praying to St. Anthony right away, and have been praying to him ever since.
Right before Christmas this year, I remember saying another prayer for the lost diamond, and even mentioned to him that at this point he was going to have to make it quite obvious where it was if I was ever going to find it! Well, low and behold, at Christmas this year, there it appeared on my kitchen hallway floor! Just like that! There was no way I could miss it! At first I was skeptical that it was really my diamond, even though it looked like it would fit perfectly into my ring. I've just been contemplating it for weeks now, so today I took it to a local jeweler, and he confirmed that it was indeed a diamond, my diamond. A miracle? Yes! I just said the Prayer to St. Anthony in Thanksgiving for this answered prayer, and it made me cry! I meant every word of that prayer. He is forever in my heart. Thank you!

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