Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lost And Found Essay

In honor of all of those that will be starting school soon, here is a story from Martha regarding a lost and found school paper, found with the help of Good St. Anthony

When I was in high school I was very unmotivated to say the least. Sr. Martina was my religion teacher and I was failing her class. She told me to write a 1500 word essay and have it to her by Monday and she would pass me with a C. So I wrote the essay. I honestly spent all weekend doing it. When I went to school Monday it wasn't in my bag. She asked me for it and I told her I lost it and she didn't believe me. I cried I swore I wrote the essay and she told me to pray to St. Anthony. I did that and closing prayer for the day I put papers in my book bag and there first page in my notebook was the paper. I was so exited I went straight to Sr. Martina and told her. She made me a believer and now I'm a devout Catholic.
BTW - Sr. Martina I'm now in nursing school. It took me ten years since High School but I still remember you. St. Anthony has never let me down.