Friday, January 11, 2013

Comment Box Quotes About St. Anthony's Help

The following are some recent comment box quotes regarding St. Anthony's assistance after praying the prayer, 'Good Saint Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. These little stories are a good reminder that St. Anthony is always willing to help us whenever we want to ask. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us such a faithful friend to intercede for us in all areas of our lives, big or small~

Thanks St. Anthony I prayed this prayer and instantly found my 300 dollar phone.

Actually, I had $1000 in an envelope, scooped it up with mail trash, and thought I lost it. I said this prayer over and over after looking for it half the morning, fearing that it was long gone at the garbage dump, almost breaking down. Then, just for the heck of it, I went through the trash and there it was! God bless for the advice! And thank you St. Anthony.

I found it. We could not find the tree stand for the Christmas Tree. It is for an artificial tree. We looked EVERYWHERE, actually rearranged the basement storage area, checked upstairs closet, bedrooms. Ready to go buy a new one and I remembered this prayer. Said it and went back upstairs saying it to myself and literally went right to it!

Growing up, my 85 year old Italian mother was constantly asking St Anthony to help her find things. I kind of blew it off while I was growing up but now, here I am at 55 years old constantly asking him to help me, lol. It may not work instantly but those "misplaced" items DO show up. Thanks for reminding me of what I take for granted.

First time I prayed to St. Anthony, I had lost a favorite doll (I was maybe 10). I found her the next day in a bag of cloth! St Anthony has never let me down.

Join me in giving thanks to God that by the intercession of St Anthony, we found my daughter's passport which got lost for more than a year. Thank you St Anthony. Best regards.

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