Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ask Saint Anthony

I lost the car keys and couldn't find them anywhere in the house. As a little girl, I remember my mother always praying to Saint Anthony when she lost something. Anytime I would lose something, she would remind me to ask Saint Anthony; he would help me find whatever I lost.
After searching for my car keys for over an hour, I went outside to my back yard, looked up to the sky, and prayed to Saint Anthony to help me find my keys. I then looked down, and laying there in the grass were my car keys . . . I guess my three-year-old son was playing with them and just left them there.
I have found many lost items thanks to Saint Anthony, but the key incident was the most memorable for me. One second I'm looking to the skies for Saint Anthony's help and the next second, I look down and there they were. I always advise anyone I know that has lost something, to pray to Saint Anthony. My simple prayer, "Dear Saint Anthony, please help me. Amen."

Thank you - Catholicism for this amazing story~