Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Anthony Has Always Been My Friend

From a reader from the U.K. we have the following:

St. Anthony has always - for as long as I can remember - been my friend. I was brought up as a Catholic so I learned about him at school, and he has helped me find virtually everything I have lost. There is a 'knowing' when the object is unrecoverable also. I have talked about him to many friends and relatives who now call on his services! Sometimes I don't have to ask and I walk straight to the place where the object is situated.
I used to skydive at a dropzone in Kent in the 80's. I was an advanced skydiver and we used to pack our own parachutes on the grass. The packing area was vast, you could use any part of a large field. One day I was packing and found next to me - in the green grass - a dark green pen with St. Anthony of Padua written on it! It still makes my heart connect to something unimaginably beautiful when I think about it.
Was this coincidental? No one that I know on that drop zone was religious, and why did I find it? He continues to connect and help me in so many ways - there is a great and abiding love that links us all, and this is a very, very special link.

Thank you A.M.W. for your beautiful insights into your relationship with St. Anthony of Padua~