Sunday, June 22, 2014

And Then I Remembered St. Anthony

I arrived home from work and running errands one evening to realize that I did not have my laptop. I thought I had left it behind in one of all the public places I had been in. I couldn't sleep that night. A few hours later I also remembered that I had been carrying my personal documents with me to show to our Human Relations department. I hurried to get them out of my bag so as not to misplace them. Nothing. The bag was empty.

How could I have lost them?! Now two things were missing and I didn't know what to do. I replayed the whole day in my head that night trying to remember, but I was unsuccessful. The next day, I went back to work and thankfully my laptop had been in my office. But my documents were nowhere to be found. I traced my steps, called every single place I had been in the previous day. My co-workers and family helped me look around. No one had seen anything. I was so worried that my documents had fallen into the wrong hands.

That weekend, I was so depressed. And then I remembered St. Anthony and found this blog. I prayed to him, prayed to God and had some friends helped me pray. I prayed the novena, hoping that St. Anthony would produce it on the ninth day. This was my first time praying to him, so I lacked hope. Somehow, on the ninth day, today, I found the documents in my closet. I don't understand how--I had looked in there 10 times already!--but I was holding them and I couldn't believe it. I thanked St. Anthony and promised God that I will go and visit him on Sunday. I feel blessed. Thank you, -M.A.

And thank you M.A. for visiting out blog, praying the novena, and returning with your wonderful story of St. Anthony's help~