Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just A Whisper Of A Prayer

Hello, I'd like to share my story anonymously. My husband had $500 in his wallet and 2 checks. I was at work and he was moving our stuff/ relocating with a big rental truck and some workers who were going to help us. He texted me he lost the money. He was very upset with himself and the workers were unsure about staying. I prayed to St. Anthony. Just a whisper of a prayer or two is really all I could say. My husband later told me he was on his way home and then 'remembered' where he put it. I am overjoyed -- thank you, Jesus! Thank you St. Anthony-- I don't know how you do it- Amen. Amen. I am saying thank you prayers!! Please all, keep faith in Christ Jesus. I do try to tell my husband-- it's St. Anthony helping us, but he does not believe. Please, if you read my story, please pray for my husband and his conversion to Christ.

Thank you R.P. for your story of steadfast belief in St. Anthony's help. Here is a link to a prayer to help those who are lost on their way to faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of good St. Anthony.