Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Asked This Wonderful Saint

I am from a Muslim family but brought up in the Catholic faith, though not baptized yet and planning to soon. I heard in my childhood years that St. Anthony is the patron of lost and found. So I didn’t invoke him as I remember in my childhood years but now as I am slowly converting, I ask St. Anthony for his favours on behalf of my dad and friends. 
My dad is a tailor, and one day he found a dress missing which belonged to one of his customers and the two of them were frustrated. I asked this wonderful Saint (yes, all saints are wonderful) and the next morning without looking for it, he found it  in front of his eyes. 
And one day my friend had lost his wallet and it was stolen. My friend is a nonbeliever, but this Saint heard my prayers and after a month his wallet was found on the terrace with everything in it except the money. Thanks St. Anthony, Glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Thank you F.B. from India for your story of trust and confidence in St. Anthony's help in you life, and in the life of your family and friends. Saint Anthony truly is a friend in heaven, waiting to help all that ask for his intersession.  We pray that he helps lead you to Baptism and into Holy Mother Church very soon~