Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Power Of Prayer

Oh my goodness, what can I say to express my gratitude to dear St. Anthony? I am Catholic, though a very lapsed one, but have never abandoned the belief in the power of prayer. Two days ago I lost my glasses. I'm a senior citizen and for reasons too lengthy and complicated to go into, getting them replaced at this point would have been extremely difficult. I took your blog's advice, asked St. Anthony for his help, and just went back outside for the third time to retrace my steps as much as I could recall through a veritable jungle of overgrown vegetation. I took a rake with me this time and sure enough there they were shining in the hot afternoon sun - without a scratch! I have absolutely no doubt that had it not been for his intercession, IF I ever saw them again they would have been destroyed. I am taking this as a sign that Our Lord and the saints do indeed listen and watch over us and I will do my best not to be a stranger in the future. Thank you, St. Anthony, and to you good people for reminding us to keep the faith.

Thank you C.L. for sharing your story of finding something much needed through the intersession of Good St. Anthony - may he help us all find our way closer to God~