Sunday, July 24, 2016

He Will Surely Find It

I had lost my golden ring and realized it a week later. As my mother also used to wear that ring, I was under the assumption that it was with her. But a week later when I asked her about the ring, she said it wasn't with her. I panicked and searched the whole night and tried remembering where I would have misplaced it. I was clueless. Next day I went to the office and searched but still in vain. Then I prayed to St. Anthony, the patron of lost things. I prayed, "Good St. Anthony look around. My golden ring is lost and must be found." After praying so I got help from a least expected person. He checked the CCTV camera footage and told me until when I had the ring on my finger. From that it was clear that I hadn't lost it in the office. I kept praying. After a few days I lost hope of finding it. It was then that my dad while cleaning under the sofa FOUND IT!! None of us have any idea of how it reached there since I only keep the ring on the altar. That's the power of St. Anthony. I got back my ring from the least expected place and while searching for it a least expected person from office helped me. Thank you St. Anthony!! Never lose hope if you have prayed to St. Anthony. He will surely find it!

Thank you P.X. for your inspirational story of St. Anthony's assistance - never loose hope indeed~