Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Prayer Is Answered

On Friday after my training at school I came back to my dormitory to have a shower. After I had my shower I realized that all my clothes were on the line on the roof, so I took the elevator to go up and pick up my clothes and come back. That's the last time I remember using my key card. On the next day I searched my whole room until midnight, but I found nothing. I was worried and so I decided to have a rest. When I finished my bedtime prayer, I realized that Saint Anthony of Padua has a prayer request for lost articles, so I searched on Google and managed to find it. I sat up again and prayed the prayer. In the morning when I got myself ready for Sunday Mass, I went to my wardrobe to change - that's the first thing I saw when I picked my belt. To my surprised the key card fell off - I was so happy and surprised. Immediately I said the words thank God and thought to myself, my prayer is answered. ~Regards, MDH