Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Prayed So Hard To Him

Many years ago, I was getting off from work. At the parking lot, since I had an armful of papers, I placed my handbag on the top of the car next to mine, opened my car door, placed the papers on the passenger's seat and drove off. I did not realize what I had done till I got home! I drove back immediately to the parking lot but the place was deserted. I went home depressed, thinking about the contents of the bag. I then was horrified that in it as well was expensive jewelry a friend had given to me for safekeeping. As soon as I got home,  I called another friend about what happened, who advised me to pray to Saint Anthony of Padua. I didn't know he was the Saint for lost things. I prayed so hard to him. Two hours later the phone rang and a stranger called that she found my bag on top of her car. The very next day, she brought it to my workplace. Everything was there including the jewelry! I was so thankful to Saint Anthony for having an honest woman find my handbag! To this day, I never forget and am still grateful to him.

Thank you N.P.L. for your great story of how St. Anthony found you an honest person to return your purse. Have a story of you own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~