Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Phone Plays A Pretty Big Role

I'm a teenager in high school, and my phone plays a pretty big role in my life. I had just gotten home from dance a couple hours ago when I realized I hadn't had my phone. I knew I brought it in, so I tore up my room in hope of finding it. I didn't, so I asked my siblings and mom if they had taken it. They hadn't. After looking for it longer I became frustrated. I had moved everything from my floor, shaken clothes and all my blankets, checked my desk and the kitchen, I even pat myself down to make sure it wasn't on me. I just still couldn't find it. I knew my mom had told me about St. Anthony and how he helped her, so I decided to look up the prayer. Being a teenager who mad so many mistakes and sinned so often I didn't know if St. Anthony would think I deserved my phone. I still said the prayer and searched my house. I finally got in pajamas and gave up. I slid into bed and hit something hard at the top of my blanket. It had been my phone loosely wrapped in the top of my blanket. I was amazed because I had shaken that blanket twice and threw it around, but I didn't see it there until after I prayed to St. Anthony.
My mom also had an amazing experience. She was heading to confession one day. After confessing her sins she went back to her car only to find her keys missing. She walked through a huge field to get to the confessional so she searched and ended up going back to the priest. He hadn't seen her keys and they weren't in the confessional. He told her to say the prayer to St. Anthony and right when she walked out she saw her keys lying in the field.
I'm unbelievably thankful for these miracles and I will definitely have more faith. I will also try to pray to St. Anthony for my sister and dad. ~J.A.

Thank you J.A. for your wonderful stories. There was once a great running back in football, named Gayle Sayers. He was...well, brilliant. He only played a few years and then retired but even with that, he was taken into the Hall of Fame. He was known as "Sweetness," because his moves were so fluid, so precise, so untouchable. But that is kind of how Anthony is--sweet moves, precise, untouchable. Have any sweet stories of you own to share on the blog? Email them to us and we will post them~