Friday, November 17, 2017

St. Anthony's Email Bag - He's Not Too Big To Answer Little Prayers #1

We at Saint Anthony Lost & Found receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

Yesterday I lost a beloved St Michael medal, I was almost sick over it, I did not sleep well. This morning I prayed a serious heartfelt prayer to St. Anthony to help me find it. I found the medal in the yard within 5 minutes. I was astounded but overwhelmed with gratitude. In my prayer I said if it God's will that I not have this medal I will understand and I will not lose faith. Thanks be to God and to St. Anthony. ~M.L.

Thanks to St. Anthony I found my jewelry case with all my jewelry. I trust in Jesus. I opened the safe and it was not there. Opened my top drawer where I see it sometimes. It wasn't there. I started to panic. Looked again in safe and every drawer in my bedroom. Prayed to St. Anthony and went to bed. This morning I looked in the drawers again. Still no jewelry. Looked again in the safe, there it was. Thanks be to God. ~S.P.

I wish to thank St Anthony for helping me to recover my umbrella which was left in a bank when l went there to get my pension I realize it only after a few days & went back to the bank only after a week so it was truly answered prayer. Thank you for your website which makes it possible for me to show my
gratitude to such a wonderful saint. ~R.L.

I have looked for a pair of shoes for my child for about 3 months. Today i cleaned and looked again but still couldn't find them. I prayed to St. Anthony "Tony Tony, look around, shoes are lost and must be found". Repeated this a couple of times. Then I forgot about it. Just when we were having dinner, my son, the owner of the shoes came holding the pair of shoes. Thank you greatly St. Anthony. ~J.M.

Glory be to God!!Thank you so much so much Saint Anthony for all the answered prayers and for the 3 new jobs!! My heart is full of joy!!! ~A.E.

Hi. St. Anthony has always helped me in many ways. He has helped me find employment after years of being unemployed due to depression and anxiety. And when I was made redundant from that job he found me another great job which I am currently in. I truly believe in the miracles that St. Anthony works. I have been hopeless and he's given me hope many times. I believe he can help with so many situations. ~E.F.

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, please remember to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~