Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayers To St. Anthony For A Baby

My husband and I had tried for five years to have a baby. Infertility specialists told us we had less than a 3% chance of getting pregnant on our own. All along my family had prayed that God would help us. My aunt, a Sister of St. Joseph, sent me a statue of St. Anthony and a prayer to him. She said it belonged to a man who had great faith in St. Anthony and his power of intervention. She said we would have a baby. My husband and I had gone through so much; could we really allow ourselves to get our hopes up? But I trusted my aunt and prayed daily to St. Anthony. In March of that year I discovered I was pregnant! All our hopes had come to be, and in December we had a beautiful baby boy. We named him Anthony, of course, and have since had two little girls. I am so thankful for our beautiful family and strongly recommend prayer to St. Anthony to anyone in need.