Monday, October 31, 2011

Ygnacia's Own Stories - A Math Book Found

The stories that I read on our blog, whether a little victory or an impressive find, thanks to the intersession of St. Anthony, continue to inspire me to ask for and believe more in his assistance. So, I will occationally add my own personal stories, here is a recent one:

I was about to give my homeschooling daughter a math test, so I went to the crate that I keep all of my curriculum, lesson plans, and school books in to get the test book. I searched the crate over and over, looking at every book and binder - no luck. I tried to retrace my steps, looking at other places in the house - not found. I looked for a week, off and on - nope, nothing, nada. Finally, as I was thinking about the irony of having a St. Anthony lost and found blog and not being able to find something myself, I said to St. Anthony, 'Please St. Anthony, I have this blog about you, show me personally how powerful your intersession can be, help me find the book." I said this prayer, and then walked into the room where I keep my homeschool crate - I casually looked into the crate, and immediately found the book, inside a binder. How many times had I looked in that crate over the past week, and then to find it so fast??

Now you can say that it was just coincidence, luck, I need to get my eyes checked, whatever, but I know in my heart that St. Anthony heard me and generously interceded for me. Thank you, St. Anthony.

God in His goodness is showing me in this and in many other ways to trust and rely on Him more. And in the future, keeping better track of where I put things can't hurt either~