Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Generous Of St. Anthony

Allow me to say from experience that St. Anthony’s prayers for lost things are powerful. Here’s an example:
Saturday night was my very last ballet performance ever. I was back stage getting ready for our final number – a black light dance wherein all of the dancers wore white gloves, white socks, and white masks – when suddenly I felt the hushed silence of sheer panic fill the dressing room. One of the other dancers in the number was missing a sock. Since black light dances are dependent on having each dancer being completely identical (and thus, unrecognizable), this simply wouldn’t do. The only option was to find that sock. The moment I found out what was wrong, I began begging St. Anthony for his prayers and asking Jesus from the bottom of my heart to heed our prayers, while simultaneously tearing the dressing room apart searching for the missing sock. Meanwhile, the number before ours was in full swing – we had about a minute and a half for this miracle to happen. With a solid 50 seconds to spare, I spotted the sock in the least logical place imaginable, several feet away from where we were all expecting it to be. We still have no idea how it got there. And I have no doubt that the the only reason I found it was because of the tenderness of God aroused by he prayers of St. Anthony on our behalf.
Yes, I realize it was only a sock. But how sweet that our Lord cares for us so much as to even help us find our lost socks, our car keys, a parking space. And how generous of St. Anthony to spend his heaven faithfully praying for such humble things.

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