Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Try So Hard To Believe

About three weeks ago I was searching for my daughter's social security card as she was recently hired at a new job. My wife and I looked and looked ... it was not in the "usual" place, and the last time we had needed it was three years ago. While searching I recalled the previous times St. Anthony had helped me -- finding a lost wrench to a locking lug nut, helping a stranger find a lost St. Christopher medal on the bike path, lost keys, etc. Now, though, I was aware I had a particular reluctance to pray to St. Anthony -- I told myself that I didn't want to bother him this time, but secretly I was afraid that after praying I wouldn't find it, and I was afraid I would begin to doubt ...

My daughter was getting anxious, and so I reluctantly said the prayer, "Dear St. Anthony, please come around ..." As I was saying the prayer, I knew in my heart I would not find it this time, at least not while shuffling through a stack of casino points cards on my wife's recently-cleaned dresser. I finished the prayer expecting little or nothing, but was entirely unprepared for what came next. Not one minute, not one second, but literally a fraction of a second after I finished the prayer a single card slipped out from the stack.

For the next five minutes I was reduced to tears on the bedroom floor. You see, you'd have to really know me -- especially these days -- to understand. Right now amidst my trials, I try so hard to believe but it is sometimes so hard to believe. God bless St. Anthony; in his simple act of helping me at that very moment he helped me to understand the reality of God's immediate presence in a way I have never before been able. May I ever increase my gratitude and devotion to this special saint and servant of God.

We are always so grateful for the truly inspiring stories of Saint Anthony's help that our readers send to us to share with the world - thank you to T.W. for one of the best, most heartfelt we have received. Please pass it on to anyone you know that needs an increase in faith in God's generous and loving care~