Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Credit Saint Anthony

I have written you several stories in the past. St. Anthony has helped me so many times, it's astounding. But now I have a new story, very incredible.
About 14 years ago my brother bought me a pearl necklace for Christmas. We are both single, and I never had a pearl necklace, and so I treasured this piece as something very precious from his heart. The following year my mother asked to wear my necklace for a wedding. Of course I said yes. I recall her giving it back to me and it being on her kitchen table, but the next time I wanted to wear it I could not find it. I prayed to St. Anthony, but nothing. I looked everywhere in my house for it, but could not find it. I prayed to St. Anthony every time I would think about it over these past 13 years. Last summer I was cleaning out a cabinet, and saw I had several bottles of vitamins I had not used in a long time, and I decided to throw them out since they were old. As I began to throw them away, I stopped and decided I would empty the bottles and dispose of the pills separately, because I didn't want children to find the bottles and perhaps take the pills. I opened the first bottle, and much to my shock and surprise, there were my pearls!!!!! I had apparently put them in the bottle because I was going out of town and wanted them not to be stolen, then I forgot they were there.
I credit St. Anthony for inspiring me to stop and decide to empty the bottles before throwing them away. If I had not, I would have thrown away my pearls and not even known it, so thank you again, wonderful, wonderful, St. Anthony!

Thank you B.B. for another great St. Anthony story. Need to find something that is lost? With prayer, patients, perseverance, and Saint Anthony's help, you will find what you need most - ask for his help today~