Monday, October 28, 2013

Lost And Found Health

My right hip joint was in so much pain that normal duties around the house were becoming difficult to attend to. I was unable to fold my leg without excruciating pain in my hip. I had even started using my left leg to get into my bed instead of the usual right one. One day at around 3:00am in the morning I woke up due to the extreme pain, and could no longer sleep. In the midst of it all I was browsing for a miracle testimony about St. Anthony finding a spouse for someone. I went to different sites and was reading about the miracles on your blog, and discovered that you also can petition for other needs. While still in bed I folded my leg and a very sharp pain shot up. Shortly thereafter I stretched it out, and realized the pain was gone for good. In disbelief I jumped out of bed with hesitation that it was just for a moment. Thankfully this healing was real, and the pain has been gone for more than a month now. This is real and now I believe in St. Anthony miracles 100%, because my leg is pain free.

Thank you J.W. for your story of healing thought he intersession of St. Anthony. Click here for one of the many prayers to St. Anthony for help and healing. Have a story of St. Anthony's help in your life? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog~