Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lost Keys Found In A Miraculous Way

I had gotten down from a bus and in a short distance walking removed my wallet from my purse for some purpose. After that I came to a bus stop to board another bus. At this moment I checked for my keys, they were not there and neither was my Rosary. I prayed to St. Anthony for help. I went back to the previous place where I removed my wallet, there I found my Rosary but not my keys. I thought, my keys, I will never find them... then I looked for the bus which I had traveled on and went to the seat I had sat in, but could not find anything. I was about to leave, when I felt an urge to sit on the seat. I sat, just bent to the right side, and there were my keys stuck between seat edges. Thank you St. Anthony. I got both keys and Rosary.

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