Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Goodness Of St. Anthony

I wanted to share with everyone the goodness of St. Anthony.
Back in August, we went to the mall to buy some last few items to bring with us on our vacation. As we're heading out the store, I saw a pair of sandals that I tried on to fit and purchase. When I was reaching for my wallet, I felt that my wedding ring was missing. I told my daughter about it and she said that she saw me wearing it when we entered the store. Both of us thought that I dropped it in the store, so we look around, but nothing. I also emptied my purse in the car but it wasn't there. We went home, I told my husband about it, he was sad but he said we'll have a new one when we celebrate our 25th. wedding anniversary in 2 years time.
Last week, Nov. 22, I organized my bedside table. As I opened one of my prayer books, it brought me to the prayer of Saint Anthony. I read it, I read all the prayers on that page. I didn't think about the ring. It totally slipped my mind, and I know I lost it in the store so I know it's impossible to get it back. The following day, my daughter needed some adhesive tape to secure her poster. I looked in the drawer but there was only a little bit left on the holder. I went to my box of Christmas wrappers because I know I've kept some there. The last time I touched this box was back in January when I kept the leftover wrappers from Christmas. When I lifted the wrappers to check the tapes, I saw something shinning, and behold, I really couldn't believe that my ring was there. I was so happy and then I remembered the prayer I said yesterday. I am so thankful to St. Anthony, and I promised him that I will tell people about him and his miracles. You are so great St. Anthony.....

Thank you A.S. for sharing the story of St. Anthony's amazing find of your lost wedding ring. Have a St. Anthony lost and found story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~