Friday, May 9, 2014

I Decided To Pray To Saint Anthony

My stepfather had major heart surgery back in November. He was in the hospital for a long time and still has health issues which make him unable to work like he did before. He got way behind on his rent and utility bills. I sent him money to cover some of his expenses, but it got out of hand and he received an eviction notice! I decided to pray to Saint Anthony, as he helps poor people get out of debt. Well, 8 days later a veteran's charity came through and paid off all of my stepfather's back rent plus the current month! He is not completely out of debt, but is mostly caught up and does not have to worry about being evicted.

Thank you G. for this tribute to St. Anthony's help~

Update from G.:
I needed my stepfather to get regular financial assistance as he could not work much after a major heart attack and surgery last fall. I prayed for disability payments to start by June 1st., but not much happened as they take a very long time to make a decision. It then occurred to me to try for any sort of financial assistance. I invoked Saint Anthony for any sort of assistance and my stepfather found out by accident that he was eligible for veteran’s payments or Chapter 115 from his state. He received his first payment a few days before June 1st. So the assistance was on time, but not in the way I expected.

This needs to be posted for 1) to thank Saint Anthony and 2) to let veteran's know this is available as it is difficult for them to find these benefits.