Sunday, May 25, 2014

So, So Grateful

Months ago while preparing to attend a special occasion I collected the jewellery I intended to wear - but when I got dressed and prepared to wear the jewellery I had chosen - my crucifix was missing. Over the past months I had searched everywhere for my gold crucifix and chain. I emptied my bedroom - I emptied two wardrobes - I swept around furniture. I moved all furniture - swept, vacuumed etc. Searched vacuum bags. Knowing I has 'lost' it in the bedroom, I could not understand. I prayed to St. Anthony, but it seemed to no avail - that is until today. I removed my old 'working' jumper I had been wearing and there it was, lying on the carpet.
I could not believe my eyes - I am so grateful to St Anthony. So, so grateful.

Thank you A.R. for your amazing story of St. Anthony's help. Here is a link to a Prayer of Thanksgiving for those who have had a loss that was found again through the intersession of Good St. Anthony.