Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prayer Is Very Powerful

My son was working in New York State for 6 years, but left his job to come back to Maryland to help his elderly father, who has medical issues and wanted to be with his son. After many job applications he could not find a job, and he had been trying for 8 weeks. I prayed to St. Anthony for employment two days ago, and my son got a phone call today, telling him that he was getting hired for a job he applied for 2 weeks ago. He starts work on the 15th. of this month. I thank you St. Anthony for this miracle for getting my son a job. I also pray to St. Padre Pio, the Sacred Heart, and St. Jude, and I say the rosary every day. I knew that St. Anthony and all the other Saints, the Sacred Heart, and Blessed Mother, would not let him down. Prayer is very powerful and St. Anthony is the Saint of Miracles, Thank You St. Anthony.

And thank you blog reader J.E. for your story of St. Anthony's help in finding you son a job. Looking for employment yourself? Click here for the Prayer to St. Anthony for Employment.