Monday, May 23, 2016

I Know It Was Not There Before

One night I looked down at my hand and noticed my ring was not on my hand. At first I didn't think much of it, like I took it off in my sleep, because I do that a lot. So I started looking for it, because it was very expensive. But not just that, it meant something to me. So I keep looking and I could not find it anywhere! I looked for two day straight with the flashlight all over my house, in my closet, all over, took the couches apart and the beds apart, everywhere. Still no luck where it was to be found. So I started googling prayers to help you find something that is lost and I came across this site. I am very Catholic and believe in the power of prayer. So I started started praying to St. Anthony, asking him to look around. So did my son he who is seven and my family - they know how upset I was. So on the third day when I stopped looking and was packing to go away for my mother's birthday, I was looking in the same closet that I had taken apart the day before, looking for my ring. My husband walked in to ask me something, and then I saw him bend down and pick something up off the floor right next to my foot. I thought to myself, no way! - right there in his hand was my ring. I jumped up and said thank you God, thank you St. Anthony. I know it was not there before because I looked and looked right there for hours. I'm so thankful. This was the first time I ever called on St. Anthony, and I thank him for helping me. God is there for everything big or small and I give Him all glory!

Thank you V.C. for your beautiful story of St. Anthony's help~