Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In The Time Of Need I Am Not Alone

I recently misplaced an envelope that had my savings in it. I didn't have much to begin with but have been saving since last year to rent a bigger home for my children. This savings also would help me with paying bills monthly. I searched high and low and practically destroyed my house looking for it. After 3 days straight not only did I pray to find it, I went online and found the prayer to St. Anthony, I have never prayed for his assistance before. I was so desperate and needed divine intervention, the thought of loosing everything made me physically ill and overwhelmed. I kept checking the same places over and over, under items and in them, pulled out all my clothing, searched my vehicle a hundred times. Nothing was working even called stores where recent purchases where made. As I begged and prayed unfortunately I wasn't hearing much of anything other than my own worry and same search locations. The fourth day in lack of sleep and a house turned upside down, I prayed the St. Anthony prayer repeatedly as I searched all over again. As I sat down on my sofa and began to cry, I looked over at my glass tv stand and noticed one of my mirror glass boxes sitting on top was slightly lifted. I had searched this area a million times and so did my kids. Since the box is mirrored it's empty and only for decorations. I decided to move the whole case over and there it was, I couldn't believe it. My heart immediately rejoiced, I got on my knees crying in happiness and told St. Anthony and the Lord I am forever grateful. Money is money and can eventually be replaced but I have struggled with loosing work, divorce, and my home within the last couple of years. This was everything I was counting on for my children, the bigger lesson I got was, in the time of need I am not alone, prayers do get answered.

Thank you M.C.D. for sending us your wonderful story of God's loving help through the intersession of Good St. Anthony. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog to inspire others to know they are not alone in time of need~