Thursday, November 24, 2016

For Months I Have Been Searching

For months I have been searching for my replacement car keys, that would cost me $1400.00 at the dealership to have it replaced. I retraced my steps and searched all my handbags (believe me I have a lot) but no luck. I couldn't remember the entire St. Anthony prayer, but in times passed, it never failed me. I googled it and started chanting 'Tony, Tony come around, something's lost and can't be found.....please help me find my keys.' I kept saying the short version of the prayer, going through each handbag one by one. In less than 5 minutes.....guess what....I found my keys. Thank you St. Anthony for favors granted.

Many thanks to you G.B. for a story of thanksgiving to St. Anthony for things found. If you have a story of things found through the intercession of Good St. Anthony, email it to us and we will share it on the blog~