Friday, March 3, 2017

I Sought The Prayer To St. Anthony

Glory be!  I lost my glasses several days ago and I cannot see without them - I'm very nearsighted.  I had to wear my old contacts but my eyes are very sensitive and I'm almost out of contact lenses, too, so I was going to have to buy new glasses!  But I said to myself, they could not have just vanished -- they have to be in the house and just got knocked off a table or something.  However, I had looked thoroughly in the only places I ever really take them off -- by and under the bed, around the couch, and in the bathroom.  I knew I had woke up and they just weren't there like they always are.  I searched and two people helped me search, and today I sought the prayer to Saint Anthony for help finding my missing item.  Then I asked my husband to bring home his really strong flashlight from work so I could do one more thorough search. After searching with the flashlight for about 3 minutes, I went again into the bedroom and looked under the bed and the dresser by the bed.  I had to shine my light straight down behind the very corner of the headboard by the dresser, and THERE THEY WERE.  I couldn't see them from any other angle.  I am so grateful and I really feel that St. Anthony showed me where to look !!  Praise God.

Thank you D. M. for your great story of St. Anthony's help in finding your glasses. If you have a story of St. Anthony's help in finding something lost, email it to us and we will post it on the blog.