Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Unexplainable

My sister gave me a St. Benedict bracelet after one of her daughter's (my niece) joined the Benedictines of Mary convent. I lost the bracelet at least over a year ago, I can't even remember now how long ago I lost it. I had prayed to St. Anthony and looked everywhere for it for several weeks, and eventually forgot all about it. Today I took out the garbage from the kitchen and set the bag outside the door, did a few more things in the house then went out to take the garbage bag to the dumpster, but our dog had gotten into it and scattered the garbage - I was not very happy as I began to pick up the garbage. I was picking up the gross, yucky contents of the garbage when I saw my St. Benedict bracelet in amongst the used, soggy coffee grounds! St. Anthony found it! I could not believe my eyes! I still can't. There is no rhyme or reason, it's unexplainable. Definitely the work of a higher power. It was a nice reminder of love and the power of prayer. Thank you dear St. Anthony!

Thank you J.W. for this amazing story of St. Anthony's help in your life. Have a story of your own to share with our readers? Email it to us to have it posted on our blog~