Thursday, January 4, 2018

He Heard My Plea

There was a time when my mother needed to have a check-up done in a hospital, so we both rode a taxi going there. I was charging my phone with a powerbank and carelessly left them on the taxi seat. As I climbed out of the taxi, I failed to notice that I was already leaving my phone and powerbank behind. I only realized it when we were at the hospital entrance already. By the time I rushed back to the drop-off point, the taxi was gone. I stood outside for a good 10 minutes, constantly dialing my phone with my mother's own phone. I was hoping that the taxi driver would notice the left-behind items and answer the call. No such luck. While my mother was having her check-up, I waited outside in the reception room, still not giving up on the call. I continued to hope that the driver would answer it and be kind enough to return my items. I prayed fervently in my head as the phone kept ringing but still, no one picked up.
When my mother was finally done with her checkup, she offered to try and call my phone for me. By then, quite some time had already passed, but she still tried anyway. The first few times bore no fruit. But on the 4th try, right as she had her phone to her ear, I prayed again, this time to St. Anthony. I prayed his novena and just when I was finished, someone had finally answered the phone call. It was the taxi driver and he was telling us where we could meet so that he could return my phone back to me. The timing of his answer and the timing of my prayer could not have been a coincidence. I was constantly praying in a daze while my phone was gone, but it wasn't until I prayed and directed my focus to St. Anthony that someone finally answered the call. Never have I been so grateful in my life. St. Anthony is truly a miracle-worker. He heard my plea and delivered my lost phone to me when I was so worried that the taxi driver would just keep the phone for himself (it is quite common in my area.) Instead, he filled the taxi driver's heart with so much kindness, the driver was willing to go out of his way to hand my phone and powerbank to me. Thank you so much, St. Anthony. You are truly a wonderful Saint.

Thank you so much R.C. for this wonderful story of St. Anthony's assistance in your life. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog to inspire others to trust in St. Anthony's help~