Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Know It Was A Miracle

Yesterday afternoon I was looking for my card case where I keep my credit card, ATM card and my drivers license but could not find it. But I was sure it was just within the confines of my room. Ultimately I asked my househelp to look for it too. We put out all the bags I could have possibly used two days before. But I remember very clearly that I prepared the bag I was going to use the next day, removing some items including the card case because it was adding weight to my bag. As we inspected all the bags I was visualizing putting out the card case and leaving it on the dresser, inside drawers and inside another bag that I was not going to use. After a futile hour or so we gave up. Then I took an image of St. Anthony and through You Tube I found an appropriate prayer to ask St. Anthony’s help recovering my lost card case. Even as I pray I was figuring out how St. Anthony will do it. I said to myself, if St Anthony was going to help me, it will be by a miracle. And he surely did a miracle! The next morning I was having breakfast when all of a sudden I thought of going through the particular bag I was preparing to use the next day. Lo and behold St. Anthony did a miracle. He put the card case in a zippered pocket of the bag. If it was there the night before, I could not have missed it because I was emptying it and I was tapping it on all sides for bulges that could easily be felt. I know it was a miracle, thank you Lord and thank you St Antony. I have no doubt recovering my lost card case had to be a miracle. Amen.

Thank you D.A. for your miraculous story of Good St. Anthony's help. Have a St. Anthony story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog to inspire others to ask for his intercession too~