Thursday, September 1, 2011

Help Comes in Pairs

My husband gave me two pairs of shoes to return to the store. When I got ready to leave, I found I had forgotten my keys, so I placed the shoes on the top of the car. After returning to the car, I simply got in and left without putting the shoes inside. When I discovered that the shoes were gone, I called upon St. Anthony to help me. My grandsons didn't believe there was any chance of finding them. We retraced all the roads I had been on, but couldn't find them. About the same time this happened, we found a cat. I placed an ad in the paper to find its owner. While checking that ad, I saw another ad which stated that two pairs of shoes had been found on my street. Yes, they were our pairs of shoes. Now my two grandsons also ask for St. Anthony's help.

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