Monday, September 26, 2011

Seeing Is Believing

I am very short-sighted, and cannot see without my contact lenses. I dropped a lens while cleaning them, and couldn't see to find it. I am a widow, living alone, and had no one to help. I was due to visit my daughter at university very soon, and was afraid I couldn't get a replacement lens in time. Not only that, the cost was a great worry to me. (I have no eyeglasses.) After three hours searching the bathroom inch by inch on hands and knees with a torch, and dismantling the sink drain, I prayed with all my heart to St. Anthony to help me. I went to bed, and after half an hour woke and felt oddly compelled to look again . Amazingly, the lens was right in the door of the bathroom. I had walked over it at least 20 times, and thought I had looked there already, but there it was, intact, thanks to St. Anthony.