Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lost And Found Money

Some more than 10 years ago my son, who at the time ran a stall, left more than $3,000.00, which he was to use for his stock, under his car seat, as he didn't want to carry it with him. When the person came to claim the payment, my son very confidently went to retrieve the money, but to his astonishment the money was nowhere to be found. Very frantic and hurt, he called me to relate the incident. I told him to check the car very carefully and not to leave any place unturned. I also told him to pray, and go about doing his work, and look for it again later. In the meantime, I too prayed. I have a little booklet with St. Anthony's prayers, and I decided on the prayer for desperate cases and also for the 'lost and found'. I prayed very fervently, with hope and confidence. I knew how much the money meant to my son, I dreaded what would happen if the money was not found. I finished my prayers, and my mobile phone rang. It was from my son. He was crying. He found the money! He could not explain how the money got to where he found it. I couldn't believe a miracle could happen so fast. But I believed St. Anthony could make things happen. Thank you St. Anthony.

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